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5 Ways To Fix Quick Start Not Working

In this article, we explain how to fix iPhone Quick Start not working issues. Hope it can help you sort out the issue. Let’s check it out.

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What exactly does "quick start" entail when it comes to the iPhone? It is a powerful feature that allows iPhone users to set up a new device with the current one. People will be able to move the information on their older iPhones, like the iPhone X, to their newer iPhones, such as the iPhone 14, with the assistance of this capability.
To do this, both smartphonesmust be running the same version of iOS, such as iOS 15 or iOS 16. On the other hand, there are reports on certain sites that how to fix iPhone quick start not working issueor reasons that are not known. This post is created to offer the following 6 effective remedies to deal with the issue of the fast start iPhone feature not functioning properly.

What Is Quick Start iPhone And What Happens When Quick Start Doesn't Work?

Why won't the fast start feature on my iPhone work? To provide an appropriate response to this inquiry, we first need to define "Quick Start." Quickstart is a process that allows an older iOS device to be used in the configuration of a newer iOS device. This is often referred to as a transfer tool.
What happens if Quick Start is unable to function properly? At this time, the majority of complaints claim that the devices in question are within the acceptable range; yet, they are unable to identify them.
So, why does this issue with Quick Start appear? It would seem that an inappropriate connection is to blame for the malfunctioning of the Quick Start iPhone feature. A more recent version of iOS might be used, however, this option is not guaranteed. As we have said, a quick start only works with iOS 11or later.

Reasons Why IOS Quick Start Not Working

You may run into difficulties if you try to transfer data via QuickStart, as was previously indicated. There are a variety of potential explanations for why QuickStart is not operating as expected or is not operating at all; nevertheless, the following explanations represent the most prevalent possibilities.

Incompatible Ios

To utilize the QuickStart function to set up your new iPhone without losing any of the data from your prior device, your iPhone must be running iOS 11 or a later version of the operating system.
If you have an earlier version of your iPhone, you will not be able to utilize the Quick Start feature. People often cite this as one of the reasons why their QuickStart iPhones do not function properly.

Internet Connection

If you are unable to transfer or download data to your new iPhone using the QuickStart application, the issue may be caused by an unstable internet connection; this may be checked by restarting the QuickStart software.

Devices Proximity

Both devices should be close to each other during the process of setting up your device with QuickStart. The closeness of the devices to one another is one of the more typical factors that might result in QuickStart not functioning properly.

Bugs And Errors

Sometimes, unexplained faults and bugs might also cause QuickStart on your iPhone to stop operating, leaving you in a helpless and frustrating position.
Iphone Quick Start Fixes
Iphone Quick Start Fixes

5 Ways To Fix Quick Start Not Working?

There are four solutions available for you when you find Quick Start is not functioning properly. You may go over each one of them separately to determine which of the four potential solutions will be most beneficial to your situation.
They are all very easy to comprehend and implement. Before attempting any of these options, you will need to make some preparations. When there is a significant amount of space between two iPhones, the operation may get stalled.
The transfer of data from one iPhone to another takes a little bit of time. To maintain a consistent supply of power when wirelessly transferring data, you need to make sure that both iPhones are connected to a power source.

Check The Software Version Of Both iPhone

As was just said, for Quick Start to function properly, both of your iPhones must be running iOS 12.4 or a later version. As a result, the first thing you need to do is ensure that the operating system on your iPhone is iOS 12.4 or a later version. To verify, go to Settings > General > Software Update on each of your iPhones. If there is the latest version released, you can also update the latest version of iOS to have a try.

Make Sure Bluetooth Wi-Fi Is Enabled On Both iPhone

In addition to the constraints imposed by iOS, a device must also have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity turned on. If one of those settings is disabled, Quick Start won't be able to recognize your older iPhone, and it won't be available to you either.
You may access the Control Center by swiping it down. Additionally, check to see whether both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on. You may also switch them off and on to refresh the connection if they are already on. This is only necessary if they are already on.

Restart Your iPhones

If you have enabled Bluetooth on two iPhones but Quick Start still doesn’t work, you can try to restart both iPhones. There are a variety of reasons why your iPhone could become unresponsive, and one of the solutions is as easy as restarting it. To adjust the volume, just press and hold the side button as well as the volume buttons for a few seconds, then drag the slider to the desired position on the screen.

Make Sure You Are Using Quick Start Correctly

You may check the procedures when you come across the "Quick Start not working" issue on iPhone 14/13/12/11. Here, we present you with the complete process of transferring data from iPhone to iPhone using Quick Start.
Now, position your two iPhones such that they are near one another, and activate the Bluetooth feature on your older iPhone.
To activate Quick Start
  • On the iPhone that will serve as the source, whether you are asked whether you wish to set up your new iPhone using your Apple ID, choose Continue when prompted to do so.
  • Scan the swirling blue pattern on the target iPhone using the camera of your old iPhone > Enter the passcode on the new iPhone if asked.
Wireless data transfer is possible.
  • Check to see that both iPhones are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Select Transfer from your iPhone, then tap Continue once you have read and accepted the terms and conditions.
  • Quick Start will help you transfer all data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone, and apps will be downloaded later.

Try A Wired Way When Using Quick Start

Many different factors have the potential to affect how wireless processes work. The wireless and wired ways of data migration are both made available to you by Quick Start. If Quick Start doesn’t show up on your iPhone during the wireless data transfer process, get a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adaptor and a Lightning to USB cable to make it in a wired way.
 Quick Start Opened On Iphone
Quick Start Opened On Iphone

Try Quick Start Alternatives To Transfer Data To The New iPhone Easily

When you are planning to transfer your data to a new iPhone, Quick Start is a useful tool to have available. On the other hand, its sophisticated steps keep some people away from it. You may use the options listed below to transfer data to your new iPhone if Apple Quick Start is still not functioning properly.

Transfer From Iphone To Iphone Directly Via Fonetool (One-Click Transfer)

You are in luck since FoneTool, a professional backup and transfer application designed just for iPhone users, provides you with a simple solution to make it possible to transfer data straight from one iPhone to another iPhone. You may simply transfer data without any hassle resulting from an inconsistent Wi-Fi connection thanks to its straightforward user interface.
In addition to that, it allows users to move their data from one Apple ID to another. FoneTool is your best option if you want to avoid having to create a new Apple account only to use your new smartphone.

Backup And Restore Iphone Data With Itunes

You may also try using iTunes, which is another approved program, to transfer data to your new iPhone by restoring an iTunes backup if Quick Start fails to function properly. Follow these instructions to create a backup of your previous iPhone and then restore that backup to your new iPhone.
Create a backup of your previous iPhone using iTunes.
  • Obtain the most recent version of iTunes from the Apple website and install it on your computer.
  • Connect your older iPhone to your computer using a USB wire.
  • Click the Device tab > Select This Computer > Click Back Up Now to start.
At this point, you should unplug your previous iPhone and replace it with your new one.
Restore a backup made in iTunes onto the new iPhone.
  • Launch iTunes > Choose your iPhone, then tap the Restore Backup button.
  • Choose the most recent version of the backup. If you are prompted, enter the passcode > Click the "Restore" button, and then wait for the process to finish.

What Are The Common Issues With Using Quickstart?

While Quick Start is a convenient feature on iPhones that simplifies the setup process or data transfer between devices, users may encounter certain issues that can disrupt its functionality.
Understanding the common issues with using Quick Start can help you troubleshoot and overcome any hurdles you may face. In this section, we will explore some of the common problems that users encounter when using Quick Start and provide possible solutions to resolve them.

Connection Problems

One of the most common issues with Quick Start is related to connection problems between devices. Quick Start relies on a stable and secure connection using both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If the connection is weak or unstable, the process may fail or take an excessive amount of time. To address this issue, ensure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and that Bluetooth is enabled.

Compatibility Issues

Compatibility is another common factor that can affect the functionality of QuickStart. To use Quick Start, both devices need to meet certain requirements. Quick Start is supported on iPhone 5s or later, iPad (5th generation or later), iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or later, and iPod touch (6th generation or later).
Additionally, both devices should be running iOS 11 or later. If either device does not meet these requirements, Quick Start may not work as intended. Ensure that your devices meet the compatibility criteria before attempting to use Quick Start.

Easy Fixed: Data Transfer Cancelled Reset iPhone to start setting up again"

Outdated Software

Using outdated software on either device can also cause issues with Quick Start. It is important to keep both devices up to date with the latest version of iOS. Updates often include bug fixes and improvements that address known issues, including those related to Quick Start. To check for updates on an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, download and install it.

People Also Ask

How Do I Get My Iphone Quick Start To Work?

To get your iPhone Quick Start to work, make sure you have both iPhones running on iOS 11 or later and placed near each other.

Why Won't My Iphone Data Transfer To My New Iphone?

If your iPhone data isn't transferring to your new iPhone, there are a few possible reasons. Ensure that both iPhones are compatible with Quick Start and running the latest iOS version.

To Properly Configure A Brand-New Iphone, How Long Should It Take?

The first setup of a brand-new iPhone might take anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half.


I hope that you have understood how to fix iphone quick start not working issue. Your issue with Quick Start not functioning on iPhone 7/8/X/11/12/13/14 should be able to be resolved using one of the options that have been provided. If not, the alternatives shown in Part 2 can also be a good choice for you.
After you have finished transferring data to the new iPhone, you may use FoneTool to delete everything from the previous iPhone. If you have any inquiries or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
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