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How to Fix Bluetooth Earbuds When Only One Side Works


This tutorial explains how to fix Bluetooth Earbuds when only one side works.

Imagine this: The weather’s friendly birds are chirping, and you’re having a beautiful day. You are jogging in the evening and can’t wait to get home. So you get yourself a train or bus to get back home. To avoid people’s noise, you put on your headphones to feel relaxed and ready to tune in.

Well, that’s an excellent way to survive and have a peaceful commute every day. But that’s where you notice there is a problem, and the problem is that your Bluetooth headphone is only playing music in one earbud. However, having headsets playing only in one ear can be frustrating, especially if listening to music or watching videos is part of your daily routine.

If you’ve relied on your earphones and your favorite beats to block off noise as you work, this issue is bound to hurt your productivity. Anyway, buying or ordering a new pair is easy. But you may not be ready to give up on your expensive headset just yet. Or perhaps you don’t like the idea of throwing away hardware that may still be fixed. This tutorial explains how to fix Bluetooth Earbuds when only one side works.

To fix wireless headphones or Bluetooth Earbud whose one side only work. Start by booting your headphones. If it doesn’t solve the issue, resetting its Bluetooth and re-pairing it is your next step. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to check your mobile/PC settings to make sure the headphone settings are not set to mono or else the issue from the audio itself or a connectivity issue. However, below are several tips and quick fixes you can do if only one of your earbuds is working. With these tips, you can have a working pair of headphones in just a few minutes.

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To start with a deeper solution, you need to know whether the problem comes from the headphones or the media device you are connecting to the headphones. To do that, try to disconnect the Bluetooth wireless headphone from this media device, connect it to another device, and see whether the issue is from the headphone side or the media side.

Are Bluetooth Earbuds still working on one side after connecting to another device?

There are several ways for users to solve this problem, but it depends on which type of earbuds or headphones you use. The repairing technique of each Bluetooth headphone or earbud differs from each other. So it would be best if you had specific instructions for the Bluetooth device you are using. No need to panic.

Solution 1: Check The Stereo Balance When Earbuds Only Works on One Side

This applies to users that use their headphones with a computer. Check the audio speaker side balance setting. It might be set to right or left only. Most iPhone users are unaware that iPhones, Mac, and Windows PC have an option to switch sounds to the right or left earbud.

This option is there to help hearing-impaired users. So, if your earbuds are playing music on only one ear, then settings have been adjusted by mistake. Follow the steps below to solve this problem:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Accessibility.
  • (For older iOS, Setting, then General, then Accessibility).
  • Scroll down to the Hearing category.
  • Tap on the Audio/ Visuals button and ensure the slider is in the mid between L and R.
  • (for Older iOS, it’s under Hearing.)
  • If not, then adjust the slider to become midway between L and R.
  • Above the slider, you will see the Mono Audio button. Switch the Mono Audio toggle to the off position
  • Adjusting the stereo balance on Mac:
  • Open System Preferences, then Sound, then Output.
  • A menu will appear, find and select the name of your earbuds or headphones from the Output menu.
  • Ensure that the slider is in the mid of L and R.

Solution 2: Check Your Track Mono When Earbuds Only Work on One Side

This also commonly happens when a user doesn’t know a mono track he is playing and thinks there is an issue with the headphone speaker. Mono only plays on one side in any speaker or headphones. Switch whatever you are playing to a piece of well-known music you always play to see if both sides work.

Solution 3: Try Another Pair of Earphones

This step is to get or borrow a pair of perfectly working earphones from a friend and connect them to your device. If they are working fine, then you know that the problem truly lies with your headset.

Solution 4: Restart the Device

Restarting your iDevice is a simple fix that works perfectly for many users. This may prove helpful if the issue occurs right after a software update. After restarting your phone or PC, we strongly recommend checking if you can hear out of both earbuds.

Solution 5: Check Earbuds or Headphones Connection

Checking the connection between both devices is highly recommended. This help finds out which one of the devices is causing the trouble. To test this disconnect and un-pair the connected headphones, try connecting the device with another Bluetooth device, and check the result. If you experience the same problems, then the problem lies in your headphones.

Solution 6: Cleaning Audio Jack

Cleanliness is an important aspect, whether it is your home appliance or any technology-based device. According to users’ reports, we find it possible that the dirt in it is the real reason that one side of your headphone doesn’t work correctly.

To clear this doubt, make sure that you clean the audio jack properly and remove the dirt as much as possible. However, to clear the dirt use a cotton swab to remove the dirt from your Audio Jack. Don’t forget to switch off the phone or headphones, whichever jack you are cleaning, before it moistens.

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