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iPhone X, XS, XR Touch Screen Not Working? Fix Now!

In this post, we explain why iPhone X, XS, XR Touchscreen is not working or responding very slowly and how to fix the issue

Are iPhone X, XS, and XR screens not working or responding very slowly? These symptoms usually occur when the phone’s internal memory is shrinking; thus, these symptoms are typically seen on early devices. But new devices aren’t free from showing such flaws as other factors can cause the same symptoms. This includes corrupted files, bad updates, rogue apps, and network connectivity problems like Wi-Fi drops.

When the iPhone X Series (X, XS, XR) launched, we expect to see a few bugs and quirks that cause issues. However, all these factors are software-related, and they can also be remedied at home by some tweaks. This post outlines the most effective workarounds to deal with touchscreen not working or responding.

How to troubleshoot iPhone X Series (X, XS, XR) Touchscreen Problems.

Solution 1: Clear All Background Apps

Sometimes your device’s touchscreen is not responding due to background apps that have gone rogue or corrupted. This is usually when you’ve left multiple apps suspended or running in the background for a long. These apps might have been corrupted and eventually affected other apps and services, thus making the phone perform sluggishly. We suggest you clear all background apps on your iPhone by following the steps below:

  • From the Home screen, swipe your finger up and then pause.
  • Swipe right or left to navigate through the app’s preview.
  • Then swipe up on an app preview to close apps individually until all app previews are cleared.

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iPhone X, XS, XR Touch Screen Not Working

Solution 2: Perform A Force Reset On Your iPhone

Your device touchscreen is still not responding after clearing all background apps. The most basic and recommended method is to force restart your iPhone to get your iPhone X series working again. This simple and very effective solution to random software errors caused apps to glitch and other symptoms. To force restart your iPhone, refer to these steps:

  • Tap (quickly push in & release) the Volume Up button
  • Then Tap (promptly push in & release) the Volume Down button
  • Press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo, then release
  • If you see the slide to power off option, keep holding down the Side button until the Apple Logo appears on your screen

Solution 3: Check For Software Updates

iPhone X, XS, and XR touchscreen are not working or responding, and we suggest you install the latest iOS update available for your device can also help. Software updates usually offer to fix patches to eliminate bug-inflicted symptoms, including constant lags and sluggishness. To view and update iOS over-the-air:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap the Software Update menu.
  • Then follow the onscreen instructions to download and install new updates.
  • Back up all your important files to iCloud or iTunes for safekeeping before updating. After installing new updates, reboot your iPhone (soft reset) to apply the new system changes, clear the cache, and refresh the internal memory.

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Solution 4: Try Recovery Mode

You’ve tried the highlighted solutions, and your device is still not responding. We recommend you try recovery mode.

  • First, connect your device to a computer and open iTunes
  • Once connected, force it to restart
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button on an iPhone X Series.
  • Press and immediately release the Volume Down button.
  • Then, press and hold the Side button until you see the recovery-mode screen.
  • When a message appears on your computer’s screen that there is a problem with your iPhone, choose Update problem with iPhone.
  • Choose Restore or Update.
  • iTunes will reinstall iOS without erasing your data and immediately download the latest software for your device.

iPhone X, XS, XR Touch Screen Not Working

Solution 5: Contact Apple Support

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve eliminated the issue’s possibility of being software-related. Your last resort is to get professional help.

If you’re under warranty and there is no physical or liquid damage, or if you have AppleCare+, make an appointment at the Genius Bar of your local Apple Store to have your iPhone replaced. If you’re not near an Apple Store or you want to skip the line, Apple’s mail-in repair service is excellent.

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