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How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number

This article will explain how to find the battery model number for your HP laptop. Click to read the full guide.

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How to Find HP Laptop Battery Model Number– When you look to replace or repair your HP laptop’s battery, it is important to identify the type of battery.
This article will explain how to find the battery model number for your HP laptop. Then figure out which hardwarewill work with your specific model of computer.

How to Find a Battery Model from the Laptop Model

If you don’t know the exact model number of your HP laptop, the best way to determine the model number of your HP laptop is to examine the machine. Some fine print or a sticker will contain the information you need.
This information might be hidden behind an access panel or in a battery compartment in some other products.
If you can’t read the model number or the sticker is missing, follow these steps on the laptop:
  • Open the Start menu.
  • Click Settings.
  • Select System.
  • Scroll down the left pane to click About.
  • Your model number will be listed under Device Specifications.
Once you have found your model number, you will be able to search on the internet for it and “battery.”
Alternatively, you can use the HP website’s tool to find the information you are looking for.
Here’s how:
Navigate to the HP Laptop Battery Finder page.
  • Click the tab at the top of your menu for the laptop family you have.
  • Find your specific type of laptop in the left column, and note the corresponding item(s) in the Compatible Battery section next to it.
  • Search for that type of battery in the online store of your choice.

How to Find an HP Laptop Battery Model on the Battery

You can check the model number of your battery if you are planning to replace it yourself. Although the details of accessing your laptop’s internal components will vary depending on its model, here’s a general description of how it works.
Note: This method is more risky and invasive than the previous one. So, only use it if you’re comfortable with removing the battery.
  • Turn off your computer and unplug the charger and any other peripherals.
  • Turn the PCover.
  • If necessary, carefully remove the rubber feet to reveal screws.
  • Remove all of the screws attaching the bottom plate to the laptop. This hardware usually requires a 00 Phillips screwdriver.
  • Keep track of the screws that you have removed from which holes. They might be different lengths.
  • You can use a thin plastic tool to gently pry off the bottom plate if necessary.
  • Locate the battery on the same side as the charging port.
  • The battery should be printed with the model number and power information. Take this information and look online for the correct replacement battery.
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