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FuboTV Vs Sling TV: Which Is Best For You?

In this guide, we'll compare FuboTV Vs. Sling TV to help you decide which streaming service suits your need

FuboTV Vs Sling TV – When it comes to live TV streaming services, fuboTV and Sling TV are among the leaders in the industry. Choosing between the two can be hard since they both offer unique benefits that appeal to different types of viewers.

With a channel lineup that mainly appeals to soccer fans, fuboTV may be the ideal choice for avid sports enthusiasts. But Sling TV offers a lower entry point, making it a great option for those who want a cheap cable alternative.

Sling TV vs FuboTV: channel packages and pricing

Obviously, if you’re considering a subscription with Sling TV or FuboTV, your primary concern should be their channel selections and their pricing packages.

Sling offers a little more freedom than Fubo, with two low-cost packages, called Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Both plans cost $30 a month after a discounted first month rate of $20. Orange, the base-level package, includes 30-plus channels, headlined by ESPN, Disney, AMC, TBS, and CNN. Blue includes 45-plus channels — with some crossover from the Orange list, but without ESPN and Disney, and with options like USA and the NFL Network added. Throwing down $45 a month ($35 for the first month) will get you both Sling Orange + Blue, which includes 50-plus channels.

FuboTV’s base package is a pricier entry point with less wiggle room, but it’s also far more comprehensive. The package, simply called Fubo Standard, includes 100-plus channels for $54.99 per month. It has most of the same stuff you’d find in Sling’s Orange + Blue package — sans any Disney-owned networks, which include ESPN and ABC — plus notable additions like MSNBC, Fox News, MTV, and several sports networks that Sling’s package doesn’t include.

Fubo offers a few unique packages — like International Sports Extra and Fubo Cycling — that Sling doesn’t, but Sling’s packages (stuff like Comedy Extra and Kids Extra) make a little more thematic sense and probably appeal more to the average viewer. Sling also has more a la carte “Premium” channels on tap than Fubo, like Starz and Epix.

If you’re an international expat or you just like watching foreign programming, Sling has a lot more to offer than FuboTV, with tons of separate channel packages for various countries and cultures. Both services, though, are only available in the United States or Canada (barring use of a DNS proxy).

FuboTV Vs Sling TV: Setting controls

Both fuboTV and Sling TV offer plenty of controls to let you customize your settings. But some of the customization settings may not be available across all devices. For instance, fuboTV only lets you reorder your favorites on Apple TV and Roku devices.

Other than that, it has most of the basics, such as settings to adjust the video playback quality and enable or disable closed captioning. You can even choose to enable or disable background videos to further customize your experience.

But keep in mind that fuboTV doesn’t have parental controls, which is where Sling TV has an advantage. Sling TV allows you to lock certain content based on rating. You can even lock in-app purchases such as rentals and pay-per-view access.

Besides parental controls, Sling TV offers several additional settings to further personalize your experience. It allows you to set your bandwidth usage, which comes in handy for those with a smaller data limit. And the closed captioning setting offers plenty of additional customizations, allowing you to change text color, opacity, size, and style as well as background color and opacity and more.

FuboTV Vs Sling TV: Features

Cloud DVR

FuboTV is a clear winner when it comes to cloud DVR, offering 30 hours of storage with the Standard plan. If upgrade with the Cloud DVR add-ons, you’ll get up to 1,000 hours of storage in total. Meanwhile, Sling TV only offers 10 hours of storage with its packages. And a Cloud DVR Plus add-on only gives you up to 50 hours.

Simultaneous streams

Even with a simultaneous streaming limit, fuboTV has a bigger advantage. The Standard plan comes with 2 simultaneous streams, but you can increase this limit by up to 5 with the Family Share Max add-on. But Sling TV caps the maximum screen limit at 3, and the Orange plan allows streaming from just 1 device at a time.

4K and HDR

FuboTV does have a slim selection of
4K and HDR content and you can find a regularly updated schedule of upcoming events here. The majority of 4K HDR streams on FuboTV are sports events, but other types of shows, including “The Masked Singer,” are available from time to time.

Unfortunately, Sling does not currently offer any live or on-demand content in 4K or HDR.

On-demand content

Sling TV’s repertoire of on-demand content is bigger than FuboTV’s, though perhaps not quite as exhaustive in the sports realm. Fubo tells us its on-demand library exceeds 60,000 TV episodes and movies, rotating monthly. Meanwhile, Sling claims to offer more than 70,000 titles on demand — a Sling representative tells us this number actually exceeds 125,000, though the website doesn’t yet reflect that fact.

FuboTV Vs Sling TV: Deals and trials

FuboTV offers a seven-day free trial, which requires a valid credit or debit card. As per usual, you’ll get charged at the end of the trial if you don’t proactively cancel. Sling has a similar trial to offer, though you oddly can’t sign up for it in your browser — only on select devices. You can, however, get your first month of Sling at a 40% discount, bringing the prices down to $15 for Blue and $25 for the Orange + Blue package (Orange is still $15 on its own).

FuboTV Vs Sling TV: Device compatibility

You can watch fuboTV on the following devices:

Amazon Fire TV devices.
Android phones and tablets.
Android TVs.
Apple TV devices.
iOS phones and tablets.
Roku devices.
Samsung Smart TVs.
Xbox One.

Sling TV works on the following devices:

  • AirTV Mini.
  • Amazon Fire tablets.
  • Amazon Fire TV devices.
  • Android phones and tablets.
  • Android TVs.
  • Apple TV devices.
  • Chromecast.
  • LG Smart TVs.
  • iOS phones and tablets.
  • Oculus devices.
  • Portal from Facebook.
  • Samsung Smart TVs.
  • TiVo Stream 4K.
  • Xbox One.

Bottom Line

In the Sling TV vs. fubo comparison, there’s no clear winner since each service has its unique benefits that might appeal to different types of viewers. For those who want a budget streaming service and don’t care too much for sports, Sling TV would make a great choice. But if you want something more comprehensive, fuboTV makes more sense.

Before you decide, we recommend trying out both services first to see which one you like more. So make sure you sign up for a free trial of fuboTV and Sling TV before you commit.

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