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How to Find Free WiFi Hotspots Near You

In this quick guide, we highlight the best possible locations you can get free WiFi hotspot

Free WiFi locations are in most cities. You can find them in restaurants, stores, and other public places. Once you know where to go, you can get free Wi-Fi anytime with your phone, tablet, or laptop.


Some locations like McDonald’s, Barnes and Noble, FedEx, Starbucks, and numerous hotels use AT&T as their WIFI provider. Although there isn’t a hotspot map on the AT&T website to help you find free WiFi, they suggest using a hotspot locator app like the one mentioned above. So let’s take a look at them one by one.

How To Find Free WiFi Hotspots Near You


Not all MacDonald’s locations feature Wi-Fi, but the McDonald’s app for iPhone and McDonald’s app for Android have a location search tool that indicates which stores have Wi-Fi.

Find a free McDonald’s WiFi location by searching for a restaurant. However, some owner-operators might disable WiFi, in which case you won’t be able to access it.

However, you can use the internet for free at McDonald’s by connecting to the network called Wayport_Access or attwifi_mcd, opening a web browser, and then clicking the “Connect” button.

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Starbucks serves free Wi-Fi through another company by using Google, not AT&T. The Wi-Fi is free at all company-owned Starbucks locations, and It works both in the U.S. and in Canada. You can use the Starbucks locator within the Starbucks app for iPhone or Android. There is also a Starbucks locator on the web you can open in a browser.

When you give the Starbucks map your current location, it finds all the accessible WiFi locations nearby. You can filter by Google Wi-Fi to ensure the locations you see have free internet or filter the results by service. The wireless network Starbucks uses for free WiFi is called Google Starbucks. Select that network, complete the displayed fields on the screen, and then choose Accept & Connect.

How To Find Free WiFi Hotspots Near You


OpenWiFiSpots can be used and accessible through their website. The site finds free nearby WiFi in cities like the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, and other countries. It also displays it on a map as well as in a list. You can also find it in airports, train stations, pharmacies, public parks, and shopping malls.


You can use Boingo to find WiFi near you and get directions to any location with their iOS or Android apps. It’s also available on Windows and Mac.

Here, enter a city, address, or postal code to get a map and a list of locations. Once the search results show, you can narrow results by location type, like airports, restaurants, hotels, stores, or cafes.

Your search results may be exported to a PDF file that includes the location name, address, and WiFi SSID for easy viewing offline. Just click any hotspot on the map for the name of its SSID and an option to see directions to that location from any other location.

How To Find Free WiFi Hotspots Near You

Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory

You can use Wi-Fi-FreeSpot Directory in the United States, Asia, Canada, the Middle East, and other areas. You can also browse special locations like companies, hotels, airports, RV parks, and vacation rental properties that offer free WiFi.

Instead of showing specific locations and network names, you’ll be given a website link to the location, leaving you to contact the business or go to their website for WiFi information. 

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Your Public Libraries

Here’s a list of public libraries that have free Wi-Fi access.

  • New York Public Library.
  • Free Library of Philadelphia.
  • Dallas Public Library.
  • LA County Library.
  • Brooklyn Public Library.
  • Wichita Public Library.
  • San Jose Public Library.

To know whether these libraries offer free WiFi and for details on connecting to their network, head to their location or official websites. While some networks are open, some require a password or a library card number.

Your ISP

This is not strictly a free way to get Wi-Fi. Still, suppose you’re a paying customer of select internet service providers (ISPs). In that case, you might be able to access free Wi-Fi hotspots at hundreds of thousands of locations around the U.S through Cable WiFi, which is a joint network name created by Cox Communications, Optimum, Spectrum, and XFINITY to bring free WiFi to their subscribers. This makes you benefit from your subscription through Cox, even when you travel.

How to Find Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Near You Using Your Phone

To find Wi-Fi away from home, you need a Wi-Fi finder app, either free or paid, installed on your phone to help you find a nearby hotspot.

“WiFi Finder” is an app available for both the iPhone and Android. It’s a free app that displays thousands of Wi-Fi hotspot locations.

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