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How Harmful Is The 5G Radiation Effect On The Human Body

In this article, we will be explaining how harmful is the 5G radiation effect on the human body.

The 5G connectivity is the latest release of network connectivity. It is becoming a rampant spread as it boasts of greater network connectivity. In this article, we will be explaining how harmful is the 5G radiation effect on the human body.

The main talk of the town is based on the doubts and concerns raised by scientists, doctors and technological experts as well as health experts.

These concerns are hypothetical as the claims haven’t been proven yet. The claims hold that the radiation and waves the 5G will spread would have adverse effects on the human body.
Various articles, videos and even memes have all over social media have been released on the issue of 5G and its effect.

5G Radiation

Even 5G conspiracy theorists have postulated that the new cellular network technology emits radio frequency radiation that are carcinogenic and harm DNA.
These all seem like actual reasons to worry, but let’s take a look at solid facts:

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The 5G Radiation Effect

5G promises to provide an insane speed for downloads, uploads, streams and sharing. It is proposed to be the most advanced and will provide high speeds in dense areas too.

Speeds of about 4GB/Seconds for downloads and 200Mb/seconds has been its estimate. In order to achieve this, 5G antennas put out huge electromagnetic frequencies which are getting absorbed by the human tissue.

5G Radiation

In order for 5G to surpass the standards of 4G, it would have to put out a massive uproar of data transmission rates. This can only be achieved by using higher transmission frequency.

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This sparked up mixed reactions and questioning of the 5G tech and if they pass the radiation safety guidelines. After much tests and reviews, it was concluded that there isn’t enough data to speculate on the perfect assessment.

What Harm Can 5G Frequency Cause

Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR)
The RFR is any of the rays emitted in the electromagnetic ray, from microwaves to ultra-violet down to the x-rays and light rays. RFR isn’t necessarily dangerous depending on what level it is and the circumstances surrounding it.

5G Network

Notable scientists postulate that the most important factor of the level of danger of any RFR is whether or not it falls into the category of ionizing or non-ionizing radiation.

This basically means that any radiation that is non-ionizing is obviously too weak to interfere with chemical bonds.

5G Radiation

That includes ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, and everything with a lower frequency, like radio waves. Power lines, Wi-Fi, FM radios all fall into this category.

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Frequencies above the Ultra-Violet rays like gamma rays and x-rays are the ionizing ones.

A reputable Professor of Neurology at Yale, Dr. Steve Novella, says ““Using the term radiation is misleading because people think of nuclear weapons—they think of ionizing radiation that absolutely can cause damage. It can kill cells. It can cause DNA mutations. “There’s no known mechanism for most forms of non-ionizing radiation to even have a biological effect,” he says.

Or, in the less refined but more visceral words of author C. Stuart Hardwick, “radiation isn’t magic death cooties.”

All in all, basically, what would happen is that more cell towers would have to be built. It is simply just an increase of what was pre-existing.


However, this increase doesn’t mean health risks like cancer and cell degeneration.
If there are any risks, it would be a financial one as the increase would need a lot of money for the upgrade to be possible.

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Everyday technology seeks to change, to upgrade. We need to welcome these changes, understand them and accept them. The human world would keep evolving.

Bottom Line

All information and proven facts about 5G prove one thing. It proves that it is no danger to our health. We walk in the sun day by day and no harm is eminent on us. The radiation of the sun is far greater than that of the 5G, therefore there is absolutely nothing to worry.

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