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What Is a Wide Area Network (WAN)

In this article, we will be talking about what is a wide area network (WAN) and everything you need to know.

Daniel Barrett
May 16, 202210931 Shares364374 Views
A Wide Area Network (WAN) traverses a vast geographic area like a city, state, or country. It tends to be private to connect some part of a business, or it can be public to connect smaller networks. This article will talk about what a Wide Area Network (WAN) is and everything you need to know.

What Is a Wide Area Network (WAN)?

This is a network that exists over an enormous scope topographical region, when contrasted with other organization types, for example, a local area network (LAN).

How Does a WAN work?

The most understood part of WAN is the internet; generally, this is the world’s broadest and largest WAN ever. The internet is a WAN because, using ISPs, it connects many smaller local area networks or metro area networks.

Problems With Wide Area Networks

WANs are pretty expensive than home or corporate internet and can cross international territorial boundaries. However, these boundaries fall under different legal jurisdictions.
However, governments can have disputes over ownership rights and network usage restrictions.
Global WANs require the use of undersea network cables to communicate across continents. However, undersea cables are subject to sabotage and unintentional breaks from ships and weather conditions. In addition, undersea cables tend to take longer and cost more to repair than underground landlines.
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