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Best PSP emulators for iOS 2020

PSP emulator lets you play all PSP games on the device of your choice. learn how to download them on your iOS devices without jailbreak.

PSP emulator is a free open-source that lets you play all PSP games on the device of your choice. These emulators are now available for iOS devices. They simulate all the real device software and hardware. Above all, they allow apps to run on iOS devices without the need for modification.

If you missed playing games on your PSP, there is still a way to get that on your smartphone, specifically iOS devices. With a dedicated PSP emulator like PPSSPP, playing your favorite PSP games on the iPhone is a piece of cake.

If for some reason PPSSPP doesn’t work on your iOS device, you will have two more options to choose from. We will include those extra all-in-one emulators afterward.


PPSSPP emulator is an open source for iOS that offers hundreds of games. The graphics are of high quality and the design plus user interface is awesome. You can install this emulator on iOS 10 and above with no jailbreak.


  • It offers all PSP games on iPhone in HD quality.
  • Runs on many operating systems
  • Lets’ you use external control
  • Touch controls are customizable; you can change as you wish
  • You can start the game from where you left after saving
  • You can transfer files from your PSP into an iOS device.

How to install PPSSPP on your iOS device

To install PPSSPP emulator for iOS without jailbreak, you need a third party app installer. There are several third-party app installers available. For instance, you can opt for AppValley for iOS, BuildStore or Cydia

Installing PPSSPP using AppValley

  • After you launch AppValley go to Settings of your iOS device
  • Click on Profile the Device Management under the General Selection
  • Turn on the AppValley option from the screen that comes up
  • AppValley will be ready for use.
  • Add the repository:
  • From there, download and install the official PPSSPP.

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Unlike PPSSPP, RetroArch isn’t your average PSP emulator. This application is more complex and will provide multiple emulators for your iPhone or iPad. Recently, the developer put out some changes to the software, it now works much better and has new features as well.

These includes:

  • Real-time rewinding
  • A built-in GUI/OSD system
  • Multi-pass shaders
  • Remote networked sound support
  • zelda-psp-gameplay

Note: RetroArch can only be run on jailbroken iOS devices. It will take you awhile to install RetroArch since we can’t find a stable repo that has this package. Therefore, you will have to do it on your own.

  • On your computer click here
  • Select the right iOS version and download the .deb
  • Install it on your device and you’re good to go

Happy Chick PSP Emulator

Happy Chick app provides a gaming experience like never before. It supports 18 consoles and emulates both in a single application. For this reason, you can play your preferred console game without the game file from visible sources.


  • Play Multiplayer online
  • Play on LAN with parish comrades
  • Cloud support
  • Emulates more than 18 consoles
  • Custom Gamepads
  • Save and Synchronize
  • Benefits of Happy Chick
  • Download thousands of iOS games direct from the app.
  • Enjoy smooth gaming experience with new ROM usage to make your iOS device run for advanced games
  • No need of downloading extra console software to play PSP games on iPhone
  • Save storage by downloading required games
  • Play classical games like DragonBallZ, GTA, Pokemon for free.

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