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14 Awesome Spotify Hacks You Don’t Know


Here is a list of things you should be aware of while listening to music using Spotify. In this article, we will highlight 14 awesome Spotify hacks you don’t know.

14 Awesome Spotify Hacks You Don’t Know

Collaborative Playlists

Collaborative Playlists are a great way to mark an occasion. For example, at 9 Clouds, when you listened to too much of a specific song, the team rallied together and built you a playlist.

Here’s How to Collaborative Playlists

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Just right-click on the playlist, and choose Collaborative Playlist. Then, share it with your future collaborators.

Organizing Your Playlists with Folders

For a while now, you’ve been using Spotify. As a result, you’ve probably accumulated quite a few playlists.

Did you know you can organize them into folders?

You can make as many folders as you want to organize your playlists, so they make sense for you. Break them down by theme or genre — make a collection of playlists for the gym, driving, you name it.

Here’s How To Organize Them Into Folders

Just right-click on a playlist, and select Create Folder. Once you’ve created your folders, you can drag playlists into them.

Note: You cannot create or organize folders on your phone; you’ll have to use the desktop app. However, you can still see and use them on your phone once they’re set up.

Customizing Playlists with Your Own Album Art

You’ve put a lot of listening time into your favorite playlists.

Whether you want to keep them private or share them with the world, those playlists deserve to look great and stand out in your Spotify app.

The ability to update cover art and playlist descriptions used to be limited to featured partners, but now it’s available for all playlists — private or public.

Here’s How to Customizing Playlists with Your Own Album Art

Open your playlist in the desktop app. Click on the cover art to upload your photo, or click on the description to write a new one.


“Daily Mix” Playlists

Not sure what to listen to? Check out your “Daily Mix” playlists.

“Daily Mix” is a series of playlists with nearly endless playback that combines your favorite tracks with new songs Spotify thinks you’ll love — minus the effort to create the perfect listening session.

Daily Mix Playlists on Spotify

Spotify creates up to six playlists for you based on your listening history. Each playlist is differentiated by a unique color and generally spans a single genre or theme.

When you’re playing one of your daily mixes, a couple of new icons will appear in your player. You can play your favorite songs to add them to your Liked Songs.

Yearly Reflection: “Your 2019 Wrapped”

Each year, Spotify marks the holidays with a recap of what you listened to. For 2019, Spotify has released “Your 2019 Wrapped.”

Sign in to see your most-listened-to songs, albums, and artists in 2019.

Awesome Spotify Hacks: Podcasts

The podcast industry has never been bigger. Podcasts have gone mainstream, which means Spotify is not just a music player anymore.

For years, I’ve tried recommending podcasts to friends and acquaintances. Too often, the response is that the podcast sounds interesting, but they don’t know how to use podcasts.

Now, I can point people to Spotify. While it’s not my podcast app of choice, I am extremely excited to see Spotify offering them as a gateway to podcasts.

“Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar”

Spotify has a couple of weekly playlists custom-tailored just for you.

Every Monday, the first thing I listen to is my “Discover Weekly” playlist. This playlist is a mix of familiar tunes from your playlists plus new music Spotify thinks you’ll like. “Discover Weekly” tends to be pretty hit-or-miss, but it hits enough that I keep coming back.

The other weekly playlist I look forward to is the “Release Radar.” Similar to “Discover Weekly,” this playlist is based on your listening history. It features the newest releases by artists you listen to or follow.

Search Spotify for “Release Radar” and “Discover Weekly if you haven’t already.” Once you find yours, click the Follow button to add them to your playlists for easy access. They update every Monday and Friday, respectively.

Creeping on Your Friends

Want to see what your friends or coworkers are listening to?

Check out the Friend Activity panel in Spotify on your Mac or PC desktop. (Don’t see it? Turn on the right sidebar under the View menu.)

Of course, this goes both ways — your friends can see what you’re listening to.

If you don’t like the idea of broadcasting your listening preferences to your friends, you can disable it in the Spotify settings. For example, toggle on Private Session to temporarily hide what you’re listening to, or disable Share my listening activity on Spotify to turn off your public activity.

Find Out about Concerts

If you go to Browse and look far left, you’ll see Concerts. Tap it and find out when your favorite artists are performing. Browse Concerts Spotify

Send a Particular Part of a Song

If you want your friend to listen to a song, but just a certain part of it, do the following:

Right-click on the song and choose Copy Spotify URI. Paste the link in a message and add # and how far in the song they should listen. Example: #2.01. When your friend enters the link, they’ll automatically hear the song from that second.

Choose a Specific Year

You want to listen to David Bowie, but you don’t want to bother scrolling through all his music, but rather listen to songs from 1997. Write the following in the search bar: David Bowie year:1997, and you’ll only see his songs from 1997.

Recreate a Deleted Playlist

Did you delete a playlist by mistake? No worries! Log into your Account, and click Recover playlist in the menu on the left. Click Restore next to the playlist you want to recover, and it will show up in your playlist library again.

Sort Your Playlists

If you have too many playlists and want to group them, you can create a folder by right-clicking the playlist.

Have Spotify Make Playlist for You

If you tweet Spotify Cares and ask nicely, the team might make a playlist just for you. Try it out! This is an Awesome Spotify Hacks.

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