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The 4 Best MoviePass Alternatives for Movie Fans

In this article, we take a look at the best MoviePass alternatives you can subscribe to today. Click the link to read more.

Author:Daniel BarrettMay 21, 202234554 Shares785328 Views
This article looks at the best MoviePass alternativesyou can subscribe to today.
In September 2019, MoviePass shut down for all customers.
The movie-ticket subscription service rapidly grew in popularity after lowering its monthly price in 2017 to $9.95, which allowed subscribers to see one movie a day in theaters. But the service struggled to sustain itself financially, and plenty of problems unfolded.
The company’s demise means many film fans are on the hunt for MoviePass alternatives. The MoviePass offer of unlimited films for just $10/month is hard to match, but some solid alternatives let you visit the cinema for a monthly fee.
Our MoviePass alternatives are listed below.

1. AMC Stubs A-List

AMC Theaters, the largest theater chain globally, launched a new tier to its loyalty program last year called AMC Stubs A-List.
The plan costs $19.95 a month but includes many features that MoviePass does not, such as buying a ticket in advance; premium tickets (IMAX, 3D), seeing the same movie more than once; and concession perks like free refills on popcorn.
The most significant difference from MoviePass is that you can see three movies a week, whereas MoviePass (again) lets you see a movie a day. And you can use MoviePass in any theater that accepts it, whereas you can only use AMC Stubs A-List at AMC Theaters.

2. Regal Unlimited

Regal Unlimited plan tries to replicate the originally MoviePass product more closely.
If you subscribe, you can watch an unlimited number of movies in Regal theaters. There are no restrictions on days or times or how often you can watch the same film. Sadly, you cannot buy tickets for other people.
Like AMC, the Regal Unlimited plan lets you book tickets in advance, choose your seats, and get a 10 percent discount on all food and drink.
There are three versions of the plan. The basic package costs $18/month, but only 200 Regal locations support the scheme (make sure you check with your local theater before you sign up). Regal Unlimited Plus covers 400 theaters; Regal Unlimited All Access covers every Regal Cinema across the US (more than 500).
The minimum contract term is one year. You cannot cancel during the period. And if you buy tickets for ScreenX, 4DX, IMAX, RPX, 3D, or VIP screens, you will have to pay an additional surcharge.

3. Cinemark Movie Club

Like AMC Stubs, Cinemark Movie Club only works at a specific chain, this time Cinemark Theatres.
The $8.99-a-month membership gets the customer one 2D ticket a month, 20% off concessions, and eliminates online fees when purchasing a ticket.
The “credit” also rolls over into the next month, which AMC does not offer. So, if you don’t see a movie one month, you could use your subscription to see two movies the next month. In addition, unused credits don’t expire for members.

4. ArcLight Membership

The three plans we’ve looked at so far are all designed to appeal to more hardcore movie lovers (people who go to the theater several times per month). Without that frequency, the plans make little financial sense for users.
The ArcLight Membership plan positions itself slightly differently. If you live in the Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Washington DC, or Chicago areas, you can sign up for the plan for just $15/year.
You get $1 off every cinema ticket that you buy online for that price. You’ll also get one free access for your birthday, free popcorn upgrades, 10 percent off drinks, and—if you visit more than 12 times a year—10 percent off gift shop items. The impressive perks and low price mean you don’t need to go to the theater more than a few times a year to get your money’s worth.
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