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10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites


Free Online Movie Streaming Sites– Watching free movies online is a convenient and frugal way to see the films you love right from the comfort of your own home. Yes, there are many sites where you can get movies “for free,” but the ones listed below are clean from viruses and entirely legal for use.

Finding free streaming video is feasible whether you’re looking for movies or television shows. It just requires you to know where to look. With that in mind, here are the best free online movie streaming sites to check out.

Most of these sites have a mobile app for watching their movies. This means you can take the free films with you wherever you go.

1. YouTube

It’s no surprise that YouTube ranks among the best free movie streaming sites. It offers many free films to pick from, including many public domain films from channels such as the aptly titled Public Domain Films.

Furthermore, sites such as Popcornflix host full movies via YouTube, and you’ll find an official Free to Watch section on YouTube. There’s a fantastic mix, with everything from classic comedies to sports. It’s a far cry from channels that only offer movies from the 1950s you’ve never heard of.

You may have to dig a bit for what you want to watch. But for those with patience, YouTube is a treasure trove of free, legal movies to stream.

2. Crackle – Free Online Movies

10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites
10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Crackle is one of the best places to watch free movies online because Sony Pictures own it, meaning that they have hundreds of full-length films you can watch at any time. These are big-name movies with stars you know.

These high-quality movies look spectacular on whatever size of monitor or screen you’re watching them on. You’ll have to sit through a few commercials every once in a while, but they’re short, and there are only a few commercial breaks during a feature-length movie.

Trust, Elephant White, Eye See You, War Inc., The Sacrament, Last Days on Mars, We Are the Best!, I’m Still Here, Henry’s Crime and The Face Of An Angel are a few free movies recently added to Crackle.

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3. CONtv


CONtv, formerly known as Viewster, features both comic books and videos. You can use the dots in the top-left to show only Videos if you aren’t interested in the former.

Among the TV shows on offer, you’ll still find some free movies to enjoy here, including many horror B-films. Some of it requires a subscription, but a lot of the content is available to watch for free.

4. Popcornflix – Free Online Movies

10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites
10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Popcornflix is another great place to watch free movies online. Their constant flow of new movies from Screen Media Ventures means that they have lots of new movies being added.

This site has over 1,500 movies, including comedy, drama, horror, action, romance, family, documentary, and foreign films. They also feature web and film school originals.

No account is needed; simply hit Play on your chosen movie and enjoy. In addition, it supports resume playback, so you can watch these movies in pieces.

These are just a few of the newest arrivals at Popcornflix: Grand Isle, Manny, Killer Bees, First to the Moon, Lost in the White City, All We Had, and Anything Is Possible.

5. Vudu


While Vudu is best known for its digital video rentals and sales, it has a sizable selection of free movies to stream too. With a comprehensive array of movies and TV shows, plus fresh additions arriving regularly, it’s a fantastic service.

Vudu’s free section operates similarly to Crackle by providing full movies with limited commercials. In addition, Vudu can offer free movies and TV shows by hosting films with ads.

You need to register for a free Vudu account to use this service, but it’s worth doing so. Once you do, you can use your account to activate digital copies of movies and shows and buy and rent movies from Vudu.

6. Yidio – Free Online Movies

10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites
10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Yidio is a website with several categories showing you where you can watch movies. One such category is designed specifically for free online movies.

What sets Yidio apart from the rest is that it’s like a search engine for free movies; it helps you find all the free places to watch movies online.

It’s super easy to sort the films by ratings like R, PG-13, G, and genre. Some examples of the genres include Animation, Classics, Musical, Special Interest, Family, Indie, Suspense, TV Movie, and Western.

Here are some newly added free movies we spotted the last time we visited: Lowdown Dirty Criminals, Bully the Dead Don’t Die, Infection, Last Ferry, Got My Hustle Up, and Touch Me Not.

7. Peacock


Peacock is NBC’s streaming service and a relative newcomer to the free movie streaming space. While you can sign up for Peacock Premium to access top-tier shows and movies like The Office and Despicable Me, there’s a lot available on the free tier.

Make a free account, and you can enjoy tons of content from the NBC catalog on all your devices. There are ads in the free version, unsurprisingly.

8. Tubi – Free Online Movies

10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites
10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Tubi has thousands of free movies, and TV shows that you can stream right now. Of course, some can only be rented and not viewed for free, but many are free to stream.

There are dozens of genres you can pick from, including regular ones for romance, drama, documentary, kids, comedy, and horror films, and unique genres like Holiday Movies, Home & Garden, Preschool, and Sword & Sorcery.

You can also view the films by the Featured, New Releases, Movie Night, Trending Now, Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes, Only Free on Tubi, Leaving Soon, and Not on Netflix sections.

Some examples of movies we’ve seen here include Tarzan, I Robot, Divergent, Little Giants, The Butterfly Effect, Full Metal Jacket, Click, The Legend of Hercules, Blow, and Eight Legged Freaks.

Tubi Kids is a section of this site perfect for streaming just kid-related films. It’s available at the top of the regular site.

9. IMDb TV


Did you know that the well-known movie database also hosts free movies? Launched in 2019, the IMDb TV service allows anyone with a free IMDb account to watch a selection of free movies and TV shows. In addition to watching online, you can enjoy this content on your Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and other streaming devices.

Along with the usual genre choices, IMDb TV also offers collections like Date Night Picks and Hidden Gems to help you pick the perfect flick. You’ll also find some TV series and IMDb originals to enjoy.

10. The Roku Channel – Free Online Movies

10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites
10 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Free movies are also available from The Roku Channel. If you have a Roku TV or streaming player, you can add The Roku Channel to your device, but even if you don’t have one, you can still stream all the movies free to your computer or mobile device.

There are some ads in these movies, but the trade-off is high-quality videos and well-known movies. There’s a countdown for titles about to be removed, so you can plan accordingly.

Here are some examples of movies we’ve been able to watch on The Roku Channel: The Wolf of Wall Street, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Devil Wears Prada, Ghost, Inception, Lady Jane, The Pursuit of Happyness, Donnie Darko, Look Who’s Talking, The Imitation Game, Dinner for Schmucks, and Almost Famous.

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