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WhatsApp Not Working On iPhone And How To Fix

Everything was working perfectly fine until you updated your Apple iPhone to iOS 13. It turned out that some of your apps including WhatsApp Messenger aren’t loading up or failed to work as intended on your device. With that said, you’ve got a problem to fix. Read on and get help. In this article, we explain why WhatsApp is not working on your iPhone, and how to fix the issue for good.

What Causes WhatsApp to Not Work on an iPhone?

Although it is difficult to pinpoint the root of the problem with WhatsApp, usually the issue is caused by the app or the iPhone’s software. Common reasons for WhatsApp malfunctions are outdated app software, a poor Wi-Fi connection, WhatsApp server maintenance and software crashes.

Users should follow the directions in each step listed below to find the source of the problem, so they can fix their iPhone’s WhatsApp and talk to their friends again.

Quit then restart WhatsApp

Many apps could suddenly go rogue following a system transition. This is one of the possible reactions of an app as it gradually adapts to the recent changes brought by the new system. The same thing could happen if you’ve left the app suspended or running in the background during the update. In this case, there’s a higher chance for the app to crash during the update process or gets corrupted after the update was installed. Oftentimes, the emerging symptoms are just minor and so they can easily be corrected by simply ending and restarting the application.

WhatsApp Not Working On iPhone? Reboot the iPhone

As with most smartphone issues, the first step to resolving an issue with WhatsApp is to reboot the iPhone. Often, restarting the phone fixes bugs or glitches. To reboot the iPhone, users should press the Power Button, holding it down until they see the power slider on the iPhone’s screen.

To turn off the iPhone, users should touch and slide the power icon to the right. After waiting approximately 1 minute, users must press down on the power button until they see the Apple logo in the middle of the screen.

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WhatsApp Not Working On iPhone? Reinstall WhatsApp

Deleting and reinstalling WhatsApp is another method users can try to fix a problem with the app on an iPhone. Doing a fresh install on a malfunctioning app can resolve issues caused by corrupted data.

To start, users should lightly touch and hold the WhatsApp icon until they feel a short vibration coming from the iPhone. After they see the apps on the screen shake, users must briefly tap the X shown on the WhatsApp icon’s top left corner. The final step in deleting the app is to simply tap the word delete.

There is no need for users to worry about losing their information. Deleting WhatsApp on an iPhone will not erase users’ account data. However, users will be required to enter their WhatsApp ID and password after reinstalling the app.

WhatsApp Not Working On iPhone? Update WhatsApp

Performing the above procedure is usually enough to deal with minor symptoms, but if the problem continues and WhatsApp problem continues, check for any pending updates for the app to install. App updates usually embed fix patches to eliminate existing in-app errors that caused the app to become unstable.

To find out if there is an update for WhatsApp, users need to visit the App Store and look at the bottom portion of the screen for the updates tab. After tapping this tab, a blue update button will appear next to WhatsApp if an update is available. Alternatively, users can update every app on their phone by tapping the Update All button.

Turn off Restrictions on your iPhone

Another possible reason that might have hindered WhatsApp from working is the iOS feature called restrictions. With this feature enabled, apps and services may become limited or barred from loading on your device. It’s possible that the recent iOS update had automatically enabled your iPhone restrictions and thereby caused you this trouble. To rule this out, follow these steps to manage restrictions settings on your device:

  • Tap Settings from the Home screen.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • When restrictions are enabled, you will be prompted to enter your restrictions passcode. Just enter the correct passcode to continue.
  • To modify restrictions, go to the Allowed Content section then tap on Websites. The Specific Websites Only or Limit Adult Content option must be selected.
  • Then tap Done to apply the changes.

WhatsApp Not Working On iPhone? Toggle the Wi-Fi Button

A problem with the iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection could be to blame for a malfunctioning WhatsApp if people use this app while connected to Wi-Fi. Similar to rebooting the iPhone, toggling the Wi-Fi connection may fix some minor internet connectivity issues.

To shut off the iPhone’s Wi-Fi, users must go into the settings app and tap the Wi-Fi option. Then, they must tap the toggle button located next to the word Wi-Fi. When the iPhone is no longer connected to Wi-Fi, the button will turn gray. Then, users should turn on the Wi-Fi again by tapping the toggle button, which turns green when the Wi-Fi connection is restored.

Delete the Saved Data for the Wi-Fi Network

To take the Wi-Fi troubleshooting portion of this guide one step further, users can make the iPhone forget their Wi-Fi network. Upon an iPhone’s first connection with any Wi-Fi network, the iPhone saves the data that users need to connect to the network.

If any data changes, the iPhone may not be able to connect to the network. When forgetting and reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network, the iPhone behaves as if it is the first time the iPhone has connected to the network.

Users should first go to the Wi-Fi area of the iPhone’s Settings to forget the connection. Next, they must lightly tap the information icon beside the Wi-Fi network in question.

Then, users should go to the option called choose a network and tap on the applicable network to reconnect. Finally, the iPhone will prompt users to enter a password if one is needed.

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Check WhatsApp’s Server Status

WhatsApp and other popular apps require server maintenance on occasion. These apps can be inoperable when the server is being maintained or repaired. Users can check outage reports to find out if the server is down for maintenance.

Reset all settings on your iPhone

Resorting to resets can be considered among the last options if none of the prior procedures is able to resolve the issue. The problem could be due to some invalid settings or incorrect configurations on the phone. This is usually the case if the recent iOS 13 update automatically overrides your iPhone settings and eventually results in some conflicts to the WhatsApp Messenger platform. To clear this out, reset all settings on your iPhone to erase all recent settings changes including iOS overrides from iOS 13. Here’s how:

  • Tap Settings from your Home screen.
  • Tap General.
  • Scroll down and tap on Reset.
  • Choose Reset all settings from the given options.
  • Enter your passcode when asked to proceed.
  • Finally, tap the option to confirm all settings reset.

After the reset, your device restarts on its own and then loads up the original values and options. To use features that are disabled by default, you will need to re-enable them individual. And that would apply to your Bluetooth, Cellular Data and Wi-Fi features. Be sure to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network to get back online and use online apps and services including WhatsApp. Then try to see if that solves the problem with the app.

Still couldn’t get WhatsApp to work on your iPhone after iOS 13 update?

You can use the embedded link to contact WhatsApp Messenger Support and report the problem for further assistance and suggestions. Or you can also use the Help section on the WhatsApp website, email then questions that are relevant to the platform or let them know about the problem you’re dealing with WhatsApp on your iPhone iOS 13. There might be some complex in-app errors that require more advanced solutions, if not a dedicated fix patch is required for the app itself to work with the recent iOS platform your iPhone is running on.

Or you can escalate the problem to Apple Support so that they can make further assessments and do their part to resolve the problem given that it started from the iOS 13 update implementation.

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