Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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How to Solve USPS Tracking Not Updating Issue

In this guide, we'll explain why USPS tracking is not updating and what you can do about it

Are your USPS Tracking Not Updating? Want to know why and how to solve it? Read this post till the end, You’ll find all the information here.

A tracking number is a unique number, which USPS provides to each package when a package is shipped with them; tracking number helps users to keep track of that package to know where is the package, what’s the status, and when it comes, etc.

Ideally, the USPS is built with a top-rated tracking device or system with high efficiency and service reliability.

So on every shipment, you will be given a tracking number to use for checking your items delivery status of at all times.

Moreso, some of the information that will be contained on the USPS tracking page are the delivery date, time, address, etc.

However, when you are tracking your shipment, there is the possibility of you getting “USPS Tracking Not Updating” message.

USPS Tracking Not Updating

There are multiple reasons that can lead to USPS Tracking Not Updating, and many people face this issue, But don’t worry, all problems will fix very soon, and you will see your package tracking is working correctly.

Before we know the reason, first, You should check the tracking number you have entered is correct or not. I have shared few places where you can find a tracking number then match it with the one you have entered.

Below are some places where you can get your tracking details and other information.

  • Check the email, which you get after shipping of your package.
  • Check the post office receipt.
  • Find your tracking id on the sales receipt, which you got after purchasing insurance for that package.

Why is USPS Tracking Number Not Updating?

There are multiple reasons behind tracking not updating, so let’s discuss them one by one.

Unscannable or broken barcode

If your barcode is broken, damaged, or unscannable, it will be difficult for the system to scan the package.

Even if it is able to scan it, chances are that it won’t give accurate information.

So having a damaged barcode can cause your shipments USPS tracking number not to be up-to-date or it can cause it to give inaccurate information.

Package Barcode not scanned

One of the reasons behind the delivery status not being updated is the package barcode was not being scanned.

At the top of every package shipped through USPS, a barcode is attached that is scanned by every UPS warehouse; this process is repeated several times until it reaches the delivery destination, which updates the shipment’s status in the tracking system.

Sometimes they forget to scan the package, which is why the tracking status showed this message. Or, during every sale or event, they receive a large number of packages to be delivered and there isn’t enough time to scan each package, therefore they send the package directly to the customer.


Weather is yet another reason as to why your package USPS tracking number is not updating. This may sound awkward but it is possible.

Snowfall, rain, or thunderstorms are some of the contributing weather element to inaccuracies of USPS tracking information.

These disturbing weather conditions cannot get shipments scan and delivered to the appropriate destination on time.

That is to say, rain, thunderstorms, snowfalls, and the likes can come at any time of the day and they are capable of creating traffic jams and other related issues.

As such, cause delay in scanning, shipping, and delivery of the package.

What should I do when my USPS tracking doesn’t update?

Here are few things you can do when USPS Tracking is not updating.

Exercise patient

Yes, the first option available when your USPS tracking information is not updating is to wait and exercise patience for a couple of days to see if the package arrives.

To do this, you can calculate the day you made the order and the expected date of delivery. Then add a couple of weeks — say two — to it.

Within that period, if the package was actually in transit, it must have reached it destination thereby getting to you.

Go to the last known facility

This option is only possible if your order is within your country of origin or if the last USPS tracking was updated in your country i.e destination country.

When you must have waited for the package to no avail, kindly go to the last warehouse or facility where your USPS tracker shows that the shipment got scanned.

Call USPS service center

The moment you’ve exhausted the added weeks to the expected date of delivery, then you can call the USPS service center for more information about your item.

You can reach the United States Postal Service (USPS) customer care via 1800-ASK-USPS.

Once you are able to put a call across to them, take your time to explain everything to them.

You have a 99% chance of getting proper information about your items from the USPS Customer Service this time around.

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