Samsung Galaxy EarBud+ vs AirPod Pro

    Samsung Galaxy EarBud+ vs AirPod Pro

    At Samsung’s Unpacked Event in San Francisco this week. The company unveiled the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Z Flip, and Samsung also launched its next-generation wire-free earbuds, the Galaxy Buds+ to accompany its new flagship devices.

    Samsung Galaxy EarBud+ vs AirPod Pro

    But how does the Galaxy Buds+ fair when compared to the AirPods Pro.

    Design wise, the size, fit, and comfort are unchanged. Originally, the Galaxy Buds+ look pretty much identical to the Galaxy Buds, but there’s an additional microphone and the charging case now has a glossy finish instead of a matte finish.

    The Galaxy Buds+ are also similar in design to the AirPods Pro because of the soft silicone tips that fit into the ear canal to provide a tighter seal.

    In terms of sound quality, the Galaxy Buds+ have a flat profile and controlled bass, while the AirPods Pro offers great bass with excellent sound quality. The addition of Active Noise Cancelation on the AirPods Pro makes a huge difference to the overall sound quality.

    There is no noise canceling technology included in the Galaxy Buds+, but offer passive noise isolation which does a decent job of filtering out background noise while you are playing music.

    Samsung Galaxy EarBud+ vs AirPod Pro
    Samsung Galaxy EarBud+ vs AirPod Pro

    With the second-generation version of the Galaxy Buds, Samsung aimed to improve audio quality for music and phone calls along with battery life, both of which do seem to be better. The Galaxy Buds+ now last for 11 hours before needing to be recharged with the case, and there’s noticeable improvement in the sound.

    One area where the Galaxy Buds+ absolutely trumps the AirPods Pro is in battery life. At best, the AirPods Pro last for around 5 hours on a single charge. The Galaxy Buds+, on the other hand can last for 11 hours on a single charge. The case can also extend the battery life by another 11 hours for a total runtime of 22 hours.

    There are touch controls on each Galaxy Bud+ earbud, which can be used to play/pause, skip tracks, and activate voice assistants. Those are the only three functions available when connecting the Galaxy Buds+ to the iPhone, but with an Android device, the long press function can be customized to auto-launch Spotify.

    Samsung also offers tools for controlling ambient sound levels, and adjusting the sound profile. There are a few preset options for increasing bass or treble and there’s an option for making audio more dynamic or soft.

    Samsung Galaxy EarBud+ vs AirPod Pro
    Samsung Galaxy EarBud+ vs AirPod Pro

    Galaxy Buds+ on Android can read notifications to you, a function not available when using them with the iPhone. AirPods offer a similar function in iOS 13, allowing Siri to announce incoming messages.

    It’s worth noting that there is a $100 price difference between the Galaxy Buds+ ($149) and the AirPods Pro ($249). That’s going to make a big difference to a lot of consumers who don’t value sound quality or Active Noise Cancellation that much.

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    If you use an iPhone and value convenience, you should buy the AirPods Pro or if you are on a tight budget, the AirPods because of how they integrate into Apple’s ecosystem. The Galaxy Buds+ are also compatible with iPhones but they don’t integrate as neatly as the AirPods do.

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