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How to Fix the ‘Problem With Wireless Adapter Or Access Point’ Error Message

Fix Problem With Wireless Adapter Or Access Point Error Message – The error “problem with wireless adapter or access point” is a very tiring and frustrating error. We who have experienced it all know how it can be. This is because it gives no clarity for troubleshooting. This article explains how to fix the ‘Problem With Wireless Adapter Or Access Point’ error message.

What Could Cause Wireless Adapter Problems and Access Point Error Message?

Wireless adapter problems and access point errors are generally instigated by a fault in the Operating System connecting to the access point or the access point failing to connect with the client devices. Most dilemmas stem from the desktop Windows side of the connection and could be anything from the software distorting the connection somehow, or hardware like the wireless card not being prompted appropriately.

There are fewer problems on the access point side, on account of its relative simplicity compared to a desktop device, but there can still be a breakdown there, such as the network not being properly broadcast.

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How to Rectify The Problem

There are a few ways to troubleshoot the error of the wireless adapter. Here, we’ve compiled the most convenient and basic ways:

Discontinue Your Wireless profile

The “Problem with wireless adapter or access point” error could have been caused by a corrupted Wi-Fi configuration profile. If this is the case, you could delete your wireless profile and then reconnect your wireless network to fix the issue.

There are two methods to do this:

  1. Using the network list
  2. Using Command Prompt

Using The Network List

  • Select the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar.
  • Right-click the network your computer is connecting to. Then select Forget.
  • Restart your computer and reconnect to your wireless network. Then check to see if you could access the Internet.

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Using Command Prompt

  • Type in “cmd” in the search box from the Start menu.
  • Next, right-click on Command Prompt to select the option”Run as administrator”.
  • On the open black window, type the following command and press Enter:
    • netsh wlan delete profile name=”wireless profile name”
    • Note: Remember to replace the wireless profile name in the command line with your real wireless profile name.
  • Restart your computer and reconnect to your wireless network. Then check to see if you could access the Internet.

If you are still unable to access the Internet, don’t panic, just make sure to move to the next solution.

Make Sure Your Wireless Adapter is On

Confirm that your wireless adapter is switched off and that Airplane Mode is disabled or not. You’d be surprised to find that this could be the actual problem of your wireless adapter issue.

Disconnect and Reconnect to the Wireless Network

Other times, all your device needs is to have a fresh go at connecting to the network. This is particularly common when the network of the access point you’re connected to has a landing page that instructs users to sign in since it’s easy for the portal page to get dropped or not load appropriately. Starting over gives it a new likelihood to provide the landing page so you can sign on and be on your way.

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Check the Configuration of the Wireless Network Connection

There’s a chance that the access point is anticipating your device to handle the connection one way, only for your device to configure the connection a different way. For example, your device’s connection profile for the network might stipulate the wrong security encryption.

Reboot Your Access Point

The case could be that your Windows 10 device is operating properly, but the router or access point hosting the network has entered a downfall state at some point. Your best option for rectifying this is to power cycle the router, giving your access point the best opportunity to start fresh and re-establish its proper working configuration.

Make Sure all Your Drivers are Updated

An update never hurt anyone. Missing updates can render your system from running the device’s network interface properly and cease communication with the access point’s network hardware.

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