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How to Remove the Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft

There’s a particular pop-up message with the inscription ” You have a Pornographic Virus, click here to remove it “, do not click on this pop-up. It is the work of scammers who are out for your data or money. Don’t call any number either. This tutorial explains how to remove the Pornographic Virus Alert from Microsoft.

You can easily fix these errors yourselves. We have included how to do that in this article so you don’t end up getting scammed. Read further to know more.

What is the Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft?

The “pornographic virus alert from Microsoft” is a type of malware that seizes control of your web browser. It does this by locking your browser window in full-screen mode and exhibiting pop-up messages that look like they are from Microsoft support.

However, these pop-up messages are really from scammers who are trying to trick you into giving them access to your computer. This way, they can snatch your information or make you pay money to fix the problem.

Removing the Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft

The ray of silver lining is that even though the pornographic virus alert is showing on your screen, it is quite simple to remove and does not cause much harm. You just have to not call the number in the alert message.

As most of PUPs enter your system masquerading on the installation of another program, you can uninstall the suspect program to eliminate the alert. Once uninstalled, you can scan your system with antivirus and antimalware programs to catch any lingering files.

1. Remove The PUP From Your Computer

The strategy of the fake Microsoft Alert is to force you to do one thing only, fall back on clicking on the link or number. It does this by locking your browser in full-screen mode and prevents you from switching to anything else.

Bypass this by:

  • Open task manager by Pressing CTRL + Shift + ESC
  • Navigate to the process for your browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or so on.
  • Right-click and select End Task to close the browser, and with it, the fake virus alert.
  • Next, navigate to Control Panel and open Programs and Features.
  • Select the Installed On tab to group the list of programs chronologically.
  • Then, select and uninstall any suspicious programs installed on your system lately. Circle back to the last program you installed. What was it? Did you forget to uncheck any boxes during installation?
  • Make sure you uninstall all apps and software that you don’t remember installing yourself

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2. Reset Your Browser Settings

After uninstalling malicious apps, you should reset your browser settings. This is because the virus alert usually changes your browser startup to display the warning as soon as you launch the browser.

  • Launch Google Chrome and click on the three dots at the top
  • Navigate to On Startup section and press Open the New Tab Page to remove the previous option
  • Next, go back up to the Reset and Clean Up section and select Restore Settings to Their Original Defaults.

This will reset your Chrome browser settings to default, further eradicating the fake virus alert. The browser reset process is similar for all major browsers.

3. Clean Your System With Malwarebytes

After you eliminate the PUP and reset your browser settings, you can commence scanning your system for any remaining malicious files. The best option is Malwarebytes, whose free offering will search and destroy anything unwanted.

Download and install Malwarebytes. You can agree to the Premium Trial if you want as it does not require any payment and will simply expire at the end of the period. Now, Scan your system for any malicious files. When the scan finishes, select and quarantine all files.

Removing all of the PUPs (and anything else!) Malwarebytes uncovers is the final step for removing the pornographic virus alert from Microsoft.

Preventing Future Potentially Unwanted Programs

After thoroughly removing any trace of the virus, the next step is to set up a defense mechanism that would help you to prevent future infection.

Many unreputable free programs proposing a supposedly innocent product secretly bundle pointless extras, like PUPs. Other programs do it for more scandalous reasons. Some developers might not even know that their program is available for download on another site—but has been bundled with some additional malicious files.

Bottom Line

It is without question that you need to upgrade your existing security and get a very good one if you didn’t have before. There are various choices you can select from depending on what you want. You can check from our other articles on top antivirus programs.

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