Is PS4 Backwards Compatible? Everything You Need To Know

    Ever wondered if PS4 plays old games from old PlayStation consoles like PS3?. Ability to play old games on your new console might not be of top priority to everyone, but it’s good to know whether your investment in, say, Vita or PSP games will translate across Sony platforms. In this article, we will be explaining is PS4 backwards compatible.

    What Does PS4 Backwards Compatibility Means?

    Backwards compatibility is a word often bandied about on news articles and Reddit forums, but apparently it’s used in reference to when a newer console can play games designed for an older console in the same family. Such as, PS2 was backward compatible with the original PlayStation (PS1). 

    Now The Question Is Does PS4 Backwards Compatible With PS3?

    The answer is ‘No’

    PS4 is not fully compatible with PS3, or any other PlayStation console, Although not in the way you might think. It’s not possible for a PS3 disc to work in PS4 console, it won’t just work at all.

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    To play older Playstation games, you have to make use of the Playstation’s native streaming service known as PS.

    Stream PS3 Games With PS Now

    The Only option is to use Sony’s cloud gaming service PS, which allows you stream a big selection of PS3 games on your PS4 through the Internet. You can as well stream games to a PC and other devices if PS3 is not available.

    Games such as:

    • Batman: Arkham City
    • Dead Space 3
    • God of War III
    • The Last of Us
    • Fallout New Vegas
    • Uncharted 3
    • Borderlands 2

    Meanwhile, PS4 does play a few select PS2 classic as well

    Do you also know that many classic PlayStation games can be played on PS4, via the official emulated versions?

    Still on the PS4 backwards compatibility: Does each model such as PS4 pro, PS4 Slim do backwards compatibility differently?

    Talking about backwards compatibility with PS3, there is no discrepancy between any of the PS4 models known in 2019 (original, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro). They all run the same games, the only difference is that the Pro offers better graphics and performance for many titles, and it also means none of them can run on PS3 discs.

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    I know you must have this question to ask as well,

    Does PS4 Pro Backwards Compatible With PS4?

    The answer is yes. PS4 Pro plays all PS4 games, but not as being backward compatible, Although PS4 Pro is a new and more powerful system, but it just the same as PS4, PS4 Pro is not a new console, rather just a mid-generation revision of hardware.

    Standard PS4 is like a PC with a mid-range graphics card while PS4 Pro is like a newer PC with a faster graphics card, although Both play exactly the same games, but they look slightly sharper on the PS4 Pro.

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