Is G2A A Legit Place To Buy Game Codes: Everything You Need To Know

    Questions going through people’s mind when considering using G2a is “Is G2a Safe”? The reason for this doubt is because of how much discount the site gives when buying games from them. In this article, we will be explaining if G2A is a legit place to buy game codes and everything else you need to know about them.

    So is G2a Safe? Learn more about it in this article.

    How Does G2A Work?

    It works the same way as eBay,  G2A is very similar to eBay, it’s a marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to “trade” games and software activation codes with huge discounts.

    Is G2A Legit?

    Yes, it is.  Though, G2a has no real way of monitoring what the sellers sell and where they get the games from. 

    which means, you could be buying a stolen or faulty good since you’re buying online, G2a has no real way of knowing which buyers are at risk.

    However, G2a has implemented some safety precautions to try and protect you as a buyer. 

    By asking the sellers to verify their social media and phone number before trading on the site to prevent fraudulent or dodgy sales transactions from occurring.

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    How Do Sellers Get Their Codes Cheap?

    Product Key Origins

    Games vary in price depending on your location, and the time of the year you purchased the game, etc. 

    There are a lot of ways an individual can obtain game and software activation keys at a discounted rate legally.

    What If I Buy A Faulty Code On G2A?

    Be rest assured, G2a offers a money-back guarantee if “a digital item you bought on their site is not functioning as described, you will receive a refund.”

    File a claim as a customer, the site will investigate it and If everything checks out as you’ve complained then you will receive a full refund to either your bank or G2a account.

    Is G2A A Legit: Whether Or Not To Buy

    G2A appears more official and trustworthy than others, and it’s a good way to follow in a business.

    The refund guarantee G2A offer is worth giving a trial to purchase confidently from their site.

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    Using A G2a Discount Code

    • Find the search bar and fill in your desired game. 
    • Select ‘see all results‘ to take you through to the games page.
    • Choose your game from the choices available. (Make sure your code is allowed in your country and the platform you want to use it on).
    • Scroll down to uncover a list of sellers for that specific product Once inside the game page, 
      • You can sort the sellers by the best price and best rating and also see the seller feedback rating on the page.
    • Choose your desired seller and click the cart to add the game to your shopping list.

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    Is G2A A Legit Place To Buy Game Codes: Everything You Need To Know
    • Click continue to be taken to the cart and any items you intend to purchase.
      • G2a will then generate the final price, and also where you activate any discount codes you have.
    • Agree to T&C’s and enter your email address for confirmation to proceed with the payment. 
    Is G2A A Legit
    • Click ‘Go to payment‘ to proceed.
    • Select your desired payment method and continue through to the payment screen.
    Is G2A A Legit Place To Buy Game Codes: Everything You Need To Know

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    • Untick the 7-day FREE TRIAL 
    Is G2A A Legit
    • After your payment has been confirmed you will be redirected to a confirmation page where you will find your purchase and access your key.
    • Click ‘Get CD Key‘ to see your game code.
    Is G2A A Legit Place To Buy Game Codes: Everything You Need To Know
    Is G2A A Legit

    The print screen above is where you access your game’s code. 

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