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Is G2A a Safe and Legit Place To Buy Game Codes: Everything You Need to Know


Is G2A a Safe and Legit Place To Buy Game Codes? Game code key reselling has become a prominent force in the gamingindustry over the last decade. Among the most infamous of these sellers is the site G2A.com.

Gamers can use G2A to buy keys to games from third-party sellers at discounted prices. However, the legitimacy and safety of purchasing from the site have been called into question since its inception.

Questions regarding the safety that G2A offers, as well as the legitimacy of the game codes sold through the platform, are asked quite frequently. Questions like “Is G2A safe?” and “Is G2A legit?”

If you found yourself asking the same questions, reading this guide will help you understand. This article explains what G2A is and helps you determine whether or not purchasing game codes from G2A is a wise choice.

So, What is G2A?

G2A is a digital marketplace that offers a wide variety of gaming-related products. Some of these products include game codes, software codes, computer hardware, and board games.

Unlike other digital marketplaces that sell game codes, G2A itself doesn’t actually sell anything. Rather, every single item that G2A distributes is offered and sold by a reseller.

None of the game codes that you purchase are acquired by G2A, nor are they officially sold by the publisher or distributor of the game. Since this is the case, G2A is a “gray market”.

As a gray market, G2A tends to offer game codes at lower prices than normal. But, you won’t find the same support system that authorized distribution channels offer.

How Does G2A Work?

G2A is very similar to eBay; it’s a marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to “trade” games and software activation codes with huge discounts.

Every game code that you purchase through G2A is, as mentioned, sold by a reseller. For many game codes sold through G2A, you will find multiple sellers.

Is G2A Safe?

Fraud on G2A is possible. Sellers, as mentioned earlier, can sell broken keys. There is no guarantee that the developer won’t pull the code purchased or that it will work at all. Moreover, fake game codes could hold viruses or malicious software that can infect a PC. Because of this, it is hard to recommend using the site as a completely safe way to buy game codes.

G2A claims that it uses specific AI security algorithms and has over a hundred people monitoring the site at all times. It also claims the company thoroughly vets all of its sellers to ensure their legitimacy as a business

Is G2A Legit?

The services that G2A offers are legitimate. However, as you’ve read earlier, the game codes sold through G2A are a different story.

You can find many positive testimonials from happy customers. You can also find plenty of negative testimonials from unhappy customers.

If you look at those negative testimonials, you’ll find they’re often due to one of three reasons: 1) the game code did not work, 2) the game code worked, but was later revoked, making the game unplayable, or 3) the process of refunding the broken product was extremely challenging.

As a marketplace, G2A is legitimate. But, some of the products through G2A are illegitimate, or were acquired through illegitimate means.

Should You Buy Game Codes From G2A?

Even though many people have had no problems with G2A, there are always risks. Risks that are further compounded by the unethical means through which game codes are often acquired.

If you are comfortable with those risks, along with the questionable ethics, then go for it. If you prefer buying a game and knowing that it will work, while supporting the developers directly, then stay away.

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