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How to Easily Fix it When Instagram Keeps Crashing

In this article, let’s have a look at some quick ways to fix the Instagram crashing issue on Android and iOS. Click to read full guide.

Daniel Barrett
May 16, 20225825 Shares416093 Views
Does the Instagram app keep crashing on your phone? Several Androidand iPhoneusers have reported that Instagram is crashing or closing automatically while uploading stories, and posts, scrolling through reels or trying to open the DM.
Instagram crashes are usually caused by one of three reasons:
  • The Instagram app needs to be updated
  • Your device is low on memory (cache needs to be cleared)
  • Your Instagram app has become corrupted
In this article, let’s look at some quick ways to fix the Instagram crashing issue on Android and iOS.

Instagram Keeps Crashing? Restart Your Phone

The first and most essential step to fixing Instagram crashing is to restart your Android or iPhone. Rebooting the phone will clear out any temporary errors or glitches, giving a fresh start to the app. Then, open Instagram again to see if it’s crashing or force closing.

Check Instagram Status

If the Instagram app appears on your phone but no content loads, check whether Instagram is experiencing problems. Occasionally, the app may have an outage localized to one area due to host issues or a natural disaster. Websites like Down Detector can help you determine if Instagram is experiencing problems.

Instagram Keeps Crashing? Update the Instagram App

If Instagram is crashing on your phone due to an intermittent bug or glitch within the app, it’ll likely be solved by updating it to the latest version. Android users can head to Google Play Store to install the update. At the same time, iPhone users can open App Store to download the new version.

Instagram Keeps Crashing? Clear Instagram Cache

The Instagram app keeps a cache of data stored on your phone. Sometimes this cache can become corrupted and cause problems – like the Instagram app crashing. You can manually clear the Instagram cache to see if that resolves any crashes you’re experiencing.
On Android
  • Long-press the Instagram app icon.
  • Click on App Info.
  • Here, click on Storage and tap Clear Cache.
  • You can also open the App Info page through Settings > Apps > Instagram.
  • Now, re-open Instagram to see if it’s working fine.
On iOS
Unfortunately, there’s no option to clear the cache of apps in iOS. Instead, you can delete the app and reinstall it from App Store- this will wipe out all the related data, including the cache.

Instagram Keeps Crashing? Update Your Phone

Have you updated your smartphone in a while? Instagram is tuned to work with the latest version of iOS and Android. If you’re on an older version, you may experience problems running the app. First, check to see if your phone has any updates for the operating system. If it does, install them and then see if that stops Instagram from crashing.

Instagram Keeps Crashing? Check Free Storage

Having a low storage space on your phone can result in app freeze, lag, and crashing issues. So, make sure that you have at least 10-15% of free storage space on your smartphone. Then, you can use the steps below to check the remaining storage space on Android and iPhone.

Wait For New Version

Sometimes Instagram goofs and pushes out an update that is broken for a small segment of the population. If that happens, the best option is to wait for it to be fixed. Follow the Instagram account on Twitter to see when these issues are documented.

Uninstall and Re-install Instagram

The other solution is to uninstall and reinstall Instagram on your phone. This will likely fix all the app-related problems, including force stopping and crashing issues.
  • Long-press the Instagram app icon.
  • Click on Uninstall or Remove App.
  • Confirm the prompt to delete it.
  • Re-install it from Google Play Store or App Store.
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