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How To Turn Off Your Nintendo Switch

In this article, we will educates you on how to turn off the Nintendo Switch console and activate the sleep mode.

It is essential to know how to turn off your Nintendo device as it is a crucial way to keep your console charged and ready to play with whenever you want to. In this article, we will educate you on how to turn off the Nintendo Switch console and activate the sleep mode.

However, there are two ways to switch off your Nintendo Switch. 

How To Turn Off Your Nintendo With The Physical Power Button

Note: These instructions apply to both the Nintendo and Nintendo Switch Lite. 

  • Locate the power button on the left-hand side between the left trigger button and the volume controls of your Nintendo.
  • Tap the button to put the Nintendo into Sleep Mode and Hold the button in to bring up the options to turn the console off fully. 
How To Turn Off Your Nintendo Switch

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How To Turn Off Your Nintendo Switch Via The Console

If you’d prefer to turn off your Nintendo console via the console’s software, that’s also an option. Follow these steps.

  • Hold the power button for about two seconds on your Nintendo device.
  • Tap down to go to Power Options.
  • Select Power Off.

How To Turn On Nintendo Device

If you want to turn your Nintendo On again, Here’s what to do.

  • Hold the power button in for a moment.
  • Wait for the console to start up. 
  • Press A three times to enter the Nintendo device home screen. 

How to Put Your Nintendo Switch Into Sleep Mode

Sleep Mode is a way of leaving your Nintendo device ready for action. The game you’re currently playing is in a paused state, so you can quickly go back to where you left off by coming out of Sleep Mode.

Sleep Mode uses more battery life than leaving your Nintendo turned off.

  • Tap the home button on your console. 
How To Turn Off Your Nintendo Switch

You can also tap the power button to go into Sleep Mode automatically. 

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  • Scroll down to the power icon on the Home Menu and select Sleep Mode twice.
How To Turn Off Your Nintendo Switch
  • Your console is now in Sleep Mode.

Note: Tap the home button on your console to bring it out of Sleep Mode.

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How To Change Nintendo Sleep Mode Settings

If you want to have more control over Sleep Mode, you can tweak some of the settings. Here’s where to look.

  • On the Nintendo Home Menu, tap System Settings and Scroll down to Sleep Mode.
  • Select to change how long a period of inactivity needs to be until the console automatically goes into Sleep Mode and choose whether to disable the feature while watching media content. 

And finally, Press B to leave the menu once you’re satisfied with your choices.

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