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How to Make TV Antennas Work Better

Nowadays, HD antennas come with an auto-tuning feature that will set the device to pick up strong signals from the transmitter and add local channels to a TV list. In this article, you will learn how to make TV antennas work better.

However, many people make all forms of adjustments and augmentations when trying to improve the TV reception of over-the-air broadcast signals. TV antennas can be very frustrating. The analog signal for certain TV stations has a tendency to move around. This can be difficult to pick up and have them stay working all of the time.

However, there are a few tricks you can use to try to pick up better reception out of your old TV antenna. Furthermore, we’ve learned and tested the tricks we describe below over years of antenna testing and experimentation, in settings ranging from high-density urban areas to sprawling suburbs. We’ve also asked numerous antenna manufacturers for advice. Unfortunately, even after following these tips, you still might not get all the channels you want, but you are almost certain to get more than if you were to just slap up an antenna in the most convenient place.

How to Make TV Antennas Work Better

Step One: Wrapping an aluminum foil around an antenna will increase the conductivity and surface area of the antenna. It will then boost the signal that a TV receives.

Step Two: Turn the channel on your TV to one that is difficult for you to get in. Try to find a channel that you don’t get very well so that you can watch the TV while you are making adjustments to your antenna.

Step Three: Adjust the antenna. After you’ve got your antenna wrapped in tin foil, and sitting in an area that receives better reception, adjust the arms of your antenna again. This will help fine-tune your reception even further to try to get the best picture that you can.

Step Four: Move the location of your antenna. Physically moving where your antenna sits can also dramatically increase the kind of reception you get. Usually moving it up higher will result in a better signal. Keep an eye on your TV set while you are moving the antenna. This will help you determine the best area for the reception.

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