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How To Fix Vizio TV Black Screen Of Death

In this article, will take you through a simple guide on how to fix Vizio TV black screen of death.

Vizio TV not turning on is not a big issue that needs more help as you can work it through yourself. This article will take you through a simple guide on fixing the Vizio TV black screen of death. 

There may be many reasons why Vizio TV won’t turn on, and you can solve most of the problems with simple troubleshooting tips.

Vizio TV Won’t Turn On Issues And How To Fix It

Here are ways you can fix your Vizio TV won’t turn on issues

Remote Control

This may be one of the reasons why your Vizio TV won’t turn on. If the remote control doesn’t turn on the TV, check if its batteries are dead o. 

You might need to change your remote control batteries to ensure it has enough power in it to turn on your TV.

Also, check if the remote control is well connected to the TV

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you can check this by trying to turn on the Vizio TV button on it, which is located either on the bottom left side or bottom right side.

If it’s not connected correctly, you have to reconnect it by pressing the TV button located at the right corner of the remote control and following the on-screen instruction.

Power Source

A power source is one of the key reasons Vizio TV won’t turn on.

After confirming that your remote control is okay and you still have an issue with your Vizio TV, check out your power source.

You can do this by pressing the menu button on the TV or the remote control to see if the menu options pops-up on the TV screen.

If the menu options appear, then there is power in your TV which means the power source is okay,

But, if nothing pops up, check if your TV is correctly plugged into an electrical source and try the menu again.

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Power Cycle The Vizio TV

There is nothing to be afraid of, as this power cycle process is easy.

Follow the steps below to power cycle your TV;

  • Disconnect the cord of your it from the outlet
  • Locate the power button on your TV.
  • Press and hold the power button on It for around 10 seconds.
  • Turn it on again.

The Power Cord

A slack power cord can prevent your Vizio TV from turning on. To ensure there is no loose power cord, 

confirm the connection between the TV and the power outlet If it’s okay.

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