How To Easily Fix The 0x80070005 Error

    Access is denied. Error code 0x80070005 is the error you might encounter when you’re planning to install a new update in windows. Such error can occur when a program you’re running tries to open a file or Windows registry that you do not have permission to access. In this walkthrough, we will be explaining how to easily fix the 0x80070005 error.

    This said error does not give details when it occurs for the user to know exactly what is going on, the user has to troubleshoot the system to know what the problem is and the error can result in damage to some files.

    Note: The teachings in this paper only apply to Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

    How To Fix The 0x80070005 Error

    Here are the 5 ways you could fix Error 0x80070005 with. 

    Step 1: Log In With Administrator Account

    You should first try restarting the computer and logging in using an administrator account immediately you error pop up either when you’re installing a new update or a program.

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    Instead of the normal way where you only create a simple user profile when installing Windows on private computers, which does not have the ultimate access rights.

    Step 2: Run The System File Checker (SFC)

    The SFC tool (System File Checker) is a proprietary Microsoft solution incorporated into Windows systems, allowing you to get to the bottom of a problem, which means If Windows functions and applications are not working and the error code “0x80070005” is displayed, the SFC tools will check all protected system files and also replaces corrupt files with buffered copies. The SFC tools can launch the checker at any time using the command line.

    Step 3: Investigate Hard Disk For File System Errors

    The 0x80070005 error can similarly be the result of file system errors which means errors that corrupt the hard disk sectors. Note that the hard disk itself is not corrupt, but it is not working properly due to errors that has occurred in one or several of the files stored on it. 

    And this is where a practical tool that windows provided will comes in, the tool is called CHKDSK (Check Disk) the CHKDSK can check the file system for this kind of error. If errors are identified, the application also attempts to fix them.

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    Step 4: Malware Scan

    Files damages or incorrect entries in the registry database, can also occur if your system is affected with virus, In this case, the 0x80070005 cannot be fixed by using checking tools such as SFC or CHKDSK until you have removed the relevant harmful programs from your computer.

    Even after you have installed security software or may be using the integrated Windows security tools, a comprehensive malware scan is recommended to deal with Slip up codes such as “0x80070005”.

    Step 5: Update Windows

    0x80070005 error may also occur when Windows or applications such as the Microsoft Store are not updated. Confirm that you have installed all current updates for your Microsoft applications by manually searching for new updates.

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