Sunday, July 3, 2022
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How to Fix it When Google Home Can’t Find Chromecast

This article explains how to fix it when Google Home can’t find Chromecast

Chromecast is one of the best in its niche. According to reviews and people’s opinions through comments, it is one of Google’s ecosystem’s oldest and most prominent parts. Affordable, feature-rich, and makes Android TV such a pleasant experience. This article explains how to fix it when Google Home can’t find Chromecast.

Cause of Google Home Can’t Find Chromecast

When you set up a Chromecast, you need to connect to the Chromecast to set up the device on your home Wi-Fi network. Once connected, devices must connect to the Chromecast by first clicking on the home Wi-Fi network.

How To Fix It When Google Home Can’t Find Chromecast

There are different solutions to this kind of problem, and you’re required not to skip any method until you find out which one works for you. However, we’ve compiled easy and complex ways to fix your problem. Follow the steps or procedures to get it fixed:

Method 1: Restart Your Headset And Chromecast

Restarting both devices should be the beginning of our troubleshooting tips on this one. As we all know, the restarting system can fix minor errors and get your Chromecast working perfectly. 

Now, proceed to restart both, and let’s see what happens. Once you’ve gotten it done, try to check if this method works by connecting both of them again. If this doesn’t work, go to the following method, and see what happens.

Note: Do not forget to stay near Chromecast when trying to connect devices. Don’t go further than 6 meters to avoid connectivity issues.

Method 2: Check If Google Home App Can Connect To The Network

If your Google Home application couldn’t connect to the network, this might be the source of your problem. So, you’re required to double-check if it is connected or not. 

To do so, check that your Android is connected to the Wi-Fi network. If you’re using an iPhone, ensure it’s connected to Wi-Fi. Once your device is connected, make sure your Google Home app can connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Method 3: Sign Out And Sign Back In

This error may be showing up due to some server error, bugs, and malware. Follow the below steps to sign out and sign back in to see if the problem disappears:

  • Then, open Settings and Choose Accounts.
  • Open Google Account, Remove the account and reboot your device.
  • Sign in again using the same password and username to the logged-out account.
  • Now, check if it works perfectly.

Method 4: Reinstall The Google Home App

The application might need to be replaced once you’ve tried all possible solutions and still can’t get it fixed. I recommend deleting the app and reinstalling it from your App Store or Play Store.

Here’s how to reinstall the Google Home app on Android:

  • Open Play Store.
  • Look for Google Home.
  • Once the app has been expanded, push Uninstall and restart your device.

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