Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73

This article will explain how to fix Disney Plus error code 73 and help you get back to streaming your favorite content

Are you getting the Disney Plus Error Code 73 while trying to access its content? This article will help you.

Disney Plus error code 73 is a region error code that indicates you are in a region where the service is not available.

This article will explain how to fix Disney Plus error code 73 and help you get back to streaming your favorite content.

Why Am I Getting Disney Plus Error Code 73?

Disney Plus error code 73 is caused by a mismatch between your location and the areas where the service is available. Whenever you try to stream from Disney Plus, the service first checks your location. If it thinks you’re in an area where Disney Plus isn’t available, it sends error code 73.

The primary cause of this error code is using a VPN to make it look like you are located somewhere other than your actual physical location. If you live in an area where Disney Plus is available but have a VPN operating, you will see error code 73.

Check Your Internet Connection

If you are in a region where Disney Plus is available but still cannot access it, you must check your internet connection.

Usually, a glitch of your ISP and the location it is providing can cause this issue, but you can restart your internet connection and the issue will resolve easily.

Turn off Your VPN

If you have a VPN installed, turn it off and wait for your internet connection to re-establish. Once you are sure the VPN is off, check if Disney Plus works. If it does, you’ll have to remember to shut the VPN off in the future whenever you want to watch Disney Plus.

If you need to use a VPN, or you’re in an unsupported country, try a different VPN. Some VPNs are better at avoiding detection than others.

Turn on Location Services

Most of the time, your mobile devices have the option of ‘Access Location services’ turned off due to security and privacy regions. This may interfere while you are accessing Disney Plus. But it’s easy to switch on the option via settings. You can navigate the option on all devices via their app permissions.

Check Your IP Address

There may be an issue with your ISP showing that you are in the wrong location. To rule this out, check your IP address. It should be an IP address associated with your home country and region. If it isn’t, and you’re sure you aren’t running a VPN, contact your ISP for

Try Disney Plus on a Different Connection

If you see error code 73 on your phone, try the web player on your computer connected to your home internet. If you’re watching on your computer, try watching on the Disney Plus app over your cellular data connection.

If you see error code 73 regardless of which internet connection you use, and you’re sure that you’re in a supported location, contact Disney Plus customer service for support.

Check if Disney Plus is Available in Your Country

Check out the official Disney Plus availability page. If your country isn’t listed, then that’s why you see error 73. You will also see this error if you travel outside of a supported country and visit an unsupported country.

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