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How to Fix an iPhone 8 Plus Microphone that’s not Working

There are two principal reasons why the microphone is not working on your iPhone 8 Plus. Either the microphone is busted due to hardware damage or couldn’t get to work as intended because of software glitches. For the first possible reason, you have no other choice except to have your iPhone checked or potentially fixed by a technician.

Moreover, if the microphone issue you are dealing with is attributed to a software glitch, you still have the opportunity of getting it fixed at home. All you need is to try performing some applicable workarounds to troubleshoot software problems that caused the microphone functions to fail at the moment. So read on and get some input on dealing with this problem on your iPhone 8 Plus.

How to Troubleshoot iPhone 8 Plus with a Microphone That’s not Working?

Before you investigate, test, and check your iPhone’s amplifier, you have three microphones, the rear microphone, the front/receiver microphone, and the bottom microphone.

To test the front/receiver and rear microphones, shoot two short videos. First, utilize the front camera to make the principal effort and the back camera for the subsequent shot. After that, play them back. If you hear sound in the front and back camera recordings, the video’s receiver is working fine.

To test the third microphone, open the Voice Memos application and then record another update by squeezing the large red button on the screen. Play the memo back, then see if you hear the audio. If it’s audible, the bottom microphone is working.

On the off chance that any of the amplifier tests fizzled, at that point, your iPhone needs service. Else, you need to deal with an audio/sound problem attributed to a software error on your iPhone 8 Plus. Now, you may begin to troubleshoot software issues with the following workarounds.

Clean the Receiver

Besides software glitches, different variables can cause a comparative issue where you may imagine that your iPhone 8 Plus microphone isn’t working. Dirt and dust stuck in the microphone slot can cause such an issue.

This is generally the situation if your iPhone’s amplifier sounds are muffled or have no sound. Just spotless, the amplifier utilizes a dry, unused toothbrush to preclude this. So first, brush to clean the amplifier grill at the base of your iPhone and the little dark speck on the rear-facing camera. Next, slide the toothbrush over the microphones to dislodge any stuck dirt, dust, and pocket lint.

After cleaning, test the microphones again and see if they are already working. If still not working, at that point, proceed to the next application workarounds.

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Reset all Settings on Your iPhone 8 Plus

Incorrect settings or incorrect framework setup may cause inconvenience to specific elements of your iPhones. For example, if the issue on the microphone is instigated after making some changes to your iPhone settings, then a settings error is likely to blame.

You can revert the recent changes you’ve made back to their initial configuration to fix the problem. But if you can’t remember exactly what has changed or which from among the modified settings has caused the microphone problem to stop working, you can reset all settings on your iPhone 8 Plus. This will eradicate all your current settings and reestablish them to defaults without impacting any information/data you have stored on the internal memory of your iPhone. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Tap General.
  • Scroll down, then tap Reset.
  • Tap to choose the Reset All Settings alternative.
  • All settings will be reset, and your iPhone will reboot.

After the reboot, test whether the amplifiers are now working appropriately. If the problem persists, try the next workaround.

Update iOS to the Latest Version Available

Software updates likewise contain bug fixes beside new features. If certain bugs set off the microphone issue, installing the most recent iOS version will like to fix it. Check for available software updates you can install over-the-air or wirelessly if you haven’t already. Be sure to back up all your important data before you do so. Here’s how to check for available software updates on your iPhone 8 Plus:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Software Update.

On the off chance that another software update is available, you will see an update warning. Before you continue downloading and introducing the most recent iOS variant for your gadget, create a backup of all your data for safekeeping. Once you’re all set, follow the onscreen instructions to implement the new firmware version.

To install OTA updates, a stable Wi-Fi connection and good battery life on your iPhone would be necessary to proceed.

Factory Reset/Master Reset Your iPhone 8 Plus

If all else fails, you may fall back on a factory reset or master reset if all else does not fix the issue and that you’re sure that the microphones are working, dependent on earlier tests. For example, perhaps some tough bugs messed up the audio system of your iPhone, and so none of the microphones are working as a result.

However, you will also lose your personal information and other important data you have stored on your device. That being said, creating a backup is recommended. Should you wish to proceed, follow these steps to factory reset your iPhone 8 Plus through the Settings menu:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Tap General.
  • Look to and tap Reset.
  • Next, select the option to Erase All Content and Settings.
  • Finally, tap the option to confirm master reset.

Hold up until the reset is done and your iPhone reboots. Then, complete the initial setup and utilize your gadget as you usually do. Then, test the microphone to check whether the issue is now fixed.

Other Suggestions

  • Remove any accessory that is plugged into the headphone jack. Sometimes, this may cause conflict with certain audio functions.
  • Ensure the microphone and iSight mic isn’t obstructed by your fingers while holding the telephone or recording a video.
  • If you utilize screen protectors, films, or cases, particularly non-Apple made, try to eliminate them. There’s a chance that any of these accessories can cover the microphone, iSight mic, or iPhone receiver, thus disrupting audio output.
  • If the microphone doesn’t work just when utilizing FaceTime, confirm and ensure that FaceTime is accessible in your location.
  • Contact Apple Support or visit an Apple-approved assistance location close by if your iPhone 8 Plus amplifier is not working after playing out all earlier workarounds.

Your iPhone may have obtained some physical or liquid damage that caused the microphone system to get busted. At this point, your next best hope to get the microphone working again is service. Don’t forget to avail of warranties if your device is still eligible. It can help you save some dollars on service charges.

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