Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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How To Fix A PS4 Controller That Won’t charge

In this guide, we will be explaining how to fix a PS4 controller that won't charge.

A problem such as Cable issues or dust can deter your PS4 controller from charging as it’s supposed to. Although the issues mentioned above are not the only reason your PS4 controller may not be charging, some major problems might require you to get a new PS4 controller. In this guide, we will be explaining how to fix a PS4 controller that won’t charge.

But just before you decide to replace that PS4 of yours, it’s always a good idea to do some troubleshooting to see if you can get your device to work again.

This article provides four troubleshooting tips to get you back to gaming sooner.

1. Trade Out The Charging Cable

Fix A PS4 Controller That Won’t charge

Try a different cable or use that cable to charge another controller because sometimes the problem might be with the cable. It will be easy to identify if the cable is the problem by trying another cable with it.

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2. Check Out The Charging Port

Fix A PS4 Controller That Won’t charge

A quick pass with a wooden toothpick or compressed air may help to clean the dust interrupting the power flow if there is any because that can also prevent the controlling working ability

3. Re-pair Your Controller

You can do this by going to the Settings menu on your PS4 and under “Devices,” discard all devices from the list. Then, on your controller, use a toothpick or bobby pin and insert into the small hole on the underside of the controller and hold it for five seconds.

Lastly, re-sync the controller to the PS4 using the PS button.

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4. Perform A Power Cycling On Your PS4

Fix A PS4 Controller That Won’t charge

You can do this by turning off your PS4 console and controller and unplugging the PS4’s power cord from the outlet. Then, please wait a few minutes, and with the PS4 still unplugged, press down the power button for 30 seconds to drain all its excess energy. Then, re-plug the PS4 back in, turn it on, and see if the issue has been fixed. 

If your controller isn’t working perfectly after trying all these tips, you may need to get a brand new one.

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