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Best Android Games With Bluetooth Controller Support in 2022

When we talk about gaming on Android, it’s usually for easy mobility. Android brings convenience if you want to game on your travels, or in college, during waits between classes, or even at parties. Normally, you’ll need your typical touchscreen controls. But do you know you can also use gamepads? In this walkthrough, we will highlight the best Android games with Bluetooth controller support in 2022.

Gamepads only need to be connected with Bluetooth and you are good to go. However, not all games possess this feature, it is designated to a select few. In this article, we have taken our time to compile the most interesting games that come with this feature.

We’d also recommend getting a Style Ring or PopSocket which can help prop your phone up at a good angle for gaming.

1. Call of Duty Mobile (CODM)

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Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) is one of the best games ever. It offers a wide range of activities. From, the Ranked match to the multiplayer option. The most intriguing of all is the Battle Royale. In this mode, you face off with other players from across the world. You all would be up to 100 and would fight each other with the use of tanks, helicopters, and various weapons.

Now, imagine you are among 100 players with a knack for survival, surely controllers would give you an edge. If you’ve played before, you might have noticed that some other players appear to be fast and concise. Those players are probably using a controller.

2. Minecraft

Best Android Games With Bluetooth Controller Support 2021

If you check our catalog, you’d see we have a lot of write-ups on Minecraft. This goes a long way to show how popular the game is. In Minecraft, you can build, get married, grow a farm, produce animal babies and go into battle. Its updates are regular which makes it always fresh. In addition, you can switch between devices by logging in. It is not free though, along with in-app purchases, it comes for $6.99.

3. Bridge Constructor Portal

Best Android Games With Bluetooth Controller Support

Bridge Constructor Portal is a crossover game between the popular Bridge Constructor series and the Portal PC franchise. It is majorly about Bridge Constructor. You build bridges with different materials to move from one end of the level to the other.

There are portals to make things easier (or harder) as well as cameos from popular characters like GLaDOS. It’s an interesting puzzle game experience and one of the few with controller support. You also get Google Play Games achievements and support for tablets. The game goes for $4.99 with no in-app purchases or ads. Google Play Pass offers it for free.

4. Pew Pew 2

Staying in line with the retro theme, Pew Pew 2 is a classic arcade-style top-down shooter. It’s perfect for quick gaming sessions along with great depth and various gameplays. This sequel is a paid title unlike its free-to-play predecessor, but here you get nine unique game modes to play including a campaign mode with three levels of difficulty.

The game is enjoyable with on-screen controls, but having an added advantage creates a huge difference. You’ll need to evade attacks and wreak havoc also, so a Bluetooth pad is really handy.

5. Fortnite

Best Android Games With Bluetooth Controller Support 2021
Best Android Games With Bluetooth Controller Support

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world presently. Luckily, it’s still available outside of Google’s storefront if you want to play it. Samsung users can install the Epic Games app directly from the Galaxy Store. If you have another Android device, you can grab the file directly from Epic. You will then need to sideload the Epic Games app to play it.

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Love or hate it, Fortnite is a behemoth. It’s a cultural phenomenon, unlike any other game before it. Though not the first battle royale, Fortnite popularized the game mode to the point that we’ve seen several clones in the years since.

Fortnite comes with controller support and, you’re going to need it if you want to stand a chance in battle. This isn’t a mobile version of Fortnite, like Call of Duty or PUBG, but the full experience. You can play on your PC or console, then play more on the go. You’ll have access to everything, including progress on your Battle Pass.

6. Portal Knights

Portal Knights is another adventure game, equipped with interesting gameplay mechanics, boss fights, RPG level progression, a crafting system, local multiplayer (on the same WiFi), random events, and controller support. This is fairly close to a console-level title in terms of execution. Of course, the graphics are mobile-friendly. This one goes for $4.99 with some optional in-app purchases.

7. Riptide GP series

From the stables of Vector Unit, this is a trio water game. You use jet skis to race, perform stunts and come first. Boosts come with every stunt you perform. The game has an easy to crazy difficult progression, the first is the easiest and the third is the hardest. There are in-app purchases and all three games support Bluetooth pads.

8. Stardew Valley

Best Android Games With Bluetooth Controller Support 2021

Stardew Valley is one of the newer games with controller support. It’s a farming simulator with RPG elements. You create a farm, raise your crops, and live a life. The game has your usual farming game staples like gathering and selling crops and animals of various types. However, Stardew Valley adds additional elements like being social with the nearby townspeople and even things like seasonal events and weddings. It’s a deep game with a long playtime and that helps justify its $7.99 price tag. This is easily one of the best games of 2019 and it has controller support!

9. NBA 2K20

For the ballers, NBA 2K20 is a modern basketball sports game. It’s not free though but doesn’t harass you with microtransactions, loot boxes, or other nonsense. It can’t be overstated how much of a rarity this is in the mobile gaming space.

In addition, there is a boatload of modes to choose from, multiplayer matches to win, and just a lot for basketball fans to enjoy. The touchscreen controls are fine, but that’s not why you’re here. Yes, NBA 2K20 features external controller support, giving you precise control over your gameplay.

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10. Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS

Formerly known as Modern Combat 5 Blackout, this trend-setting first-person shooter for Android has been re-branded to take advantage of the eSports movement. It’s a solid mobile FPS with real graphics and options to play through the solo campaign or take it online — and you can get an edge on your competition with a proper controller in your hand.

Furthermore, this game was trying to rub some shine off of the Call of Duty franchise when it was first released. Now that Call of Duty has a proper release, gamers might feel like there’s less incentive to play this legacy mobile shooter, but if you’ve never checked out Modern Combat 5, it’s still well worth your time.

11. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas represents the pinnacle of Rockstar’s fantastic series on the PlayStation 2. Set in a fictionalized version of Los Angeles and the surrounding area, it was an absolute masterpiece when it was released back in 2004 and still manages to hold up in 2022.

From stealing cars to fighting gang members, all that beckons for more grip on control, it made it here. You’ll need to steer well and aim precisely with this game. It’s part of those that have made it to our list. It supports the Bluetooth gamepad as well.

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