Saturday, June 25, 2022
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3 Best PS4 Controller Alternatives for Gamers with Smaller Hands

In this article, we'll list out the best PlayStation 4 controller alternatives for gamers with smaller hands

The DualShock 4 for the PS4 is an incredible controller for most gamers. Be that as it may, some individuals find the controller abnormal to hold, especially more youthful gamers and grown-ups with more small hands. In this article, we’ll list the best PS4 controller alternatives for gamers with smaller hands.

Luckily, there are various smaller PS4 controller options available for those with smaller hands that will assist with reducing the strain during long gaming sessions.

This article will list the best PlayStation 4 controller alternatives for gamers with smaller hands.

1. HORI PS4 Mini

The Hori Mini PS4 controller isn’t showcased toward the regular gamers. This controller is pointed unequivocally at kids. Sony’s DualShock 4 regulator is just too large to even consider holding serenely for these gamers.

The Hori Mini PS4 controller seeks to eliminate these problems. As a result, the Hori Mini is 40 percent smaller than the DualShock 4, making it the perfect alternative for those with smaller hands.

However, being 40% smaller than the regular PS4 controller has drawbacks. First, the Hori Mini is a wired controller. In addition, it omits the vibration motor, light bar, gyroscope, headphone jack and standalone touchpad. However, a button on the controller allows the analog stick to function as the touchpad when pressed.

2. Nacon Wired Compact

Source: Amazon

This Wired Mini Gamepad for kids can offer a more compact alternative to the standard PS4 controller.

Although it is meant for kids, it can be used by adults with smaller hands. One of its main selling points is that it is very affordable and easy to replace in mishaps.

Furthermore, the face buttons, touchpad, and D-Pad are all larger than the DualShock 4. In addition, the analog sticks are placed closer together. Overall, this makes it much easier for gamers with smaller hands to reach the buttons they need when they need them.

Almost the same functions as the DualShock 4 are available, yet it lacks more advanced options, such as in-built speakers, and the SIXAXIS motion controls have been omitted. Also, the Nacon Wired Compact controller is not wireless.

3. @Play Compact

The Compact controller from @Play highlights a more conventional design compared to the Hori Mini. The @Play Compact re-organizes the face buttons, D-Pad, and touchpad into a more tight arrangement. Thus, the @Play Compact controller has a significantly smaller build. Like the Hori Mini, the @Play is a wired controller.

The @Play Compact sets itself apart from the likes of the Hori Mini, thanks to the fact that it retains some of the key features of the DualShock 4. It maintains vibration feedback and also includes a headphone jack. This is valuable for players who want to chat with other players during multiplayer games. Nonetheless, similar to the Hori Mini, the @Play compact ditches the motion sensors and light bar, meaning you will not have the option to play a few titles in the PS4 library.

That being said, the @Play Compact is an incredible option for gamers searching for a smaller controller that doesn’t stray too far from the DualShock 4.

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