How To Insert A Text Box In Google Docs

    The importance of a text box is to differentiate a set of text on a page. It gives your document a more professional look. Text boxes allow you to add text or images inside of them and then move those boxes around, between, or within documents. In this article, we will be taking you through ways to insert a text box in Google docs.

    How To Insert a Text Box In Google Docs

    There are two ways to add a text box in Google Docs. 

    • Using the drawing tool 
    • Using a single-cell table

    Insert A Text Box In Google Docs Using The Drawing Tool

    With the drawing tool, you can upload the sketch as an image to Google Drive and put init to your document. 

    You can aswell add various shapes, line styles, callouts, and arrows. 

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    A dialog box will open in your document page, this is where you’ll create, edit, and format the shapes and text boxes using the drawing tool’s commands.

    To Insert A Text Box Using The Drawing Tool

    • Open your document 
    • Click Insert 
    • Drawing and then click New to create a text box.
    How To Insert A Text Box In Google Docs
    • Click the Text box icon.
    • Create the text box by clicking and dragging in the drawing area, and then release the mouse for the text box to appear. 
    • Add text and customize the text box to your preferences
    • Click the blue Save & Close button.

    How To Use Shapes To Create And Insert A Text Box In Google Docs

    Google Docs allows you to add text in different shapes and customize them by adding background colors or changing the border line width.

    • Click Insert 
    • Drawing 
    • Choose New and then click the Shapes command.

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    How To Insert A Text Box In Google Docs
    How To Insert A Text Box In Google Docs
    • Choose your desired Shapes
    How To Insert A Text Box In Google Docs
    • Click and drag your mouse in the drawing area to create the shape you selected, and then release the mouse. 
    • Double-click anywhere within the shape, to add text in the shape and then enter your text.
    How To Insert A Text Box In Google Docs
    • Click Save & Close to insert it into the document. 
    • You can resize the shape by clicking and dragging the resizing handle to the size you want.
    • To edit the shape, Select it and then click Edit from the options that appear. 

    For shapes that overlap one another, you can reposition shapes that overlap one another by Bringing it forward or Send backward and get the desired ordering.

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    How To Insert A Text Box In Google Docs Using A Single Cell Table

    • To do this, click Insert 
    How To Insert A Text Box In Google Docs
    • Table and then click on a single cell with one row and one column (1×1).
    • When the single cell appear on the document, adjust the length and width of the text box to your preferences and then enter your text in the cell.
    • You can adjust the font color, style, and size to your liking if you want to highlight the text or make the document look more professional.

    To Insert An Image Into Your Text Box Or Shape

    1. Click on the text box or shape, and then select Edit to open the Drawing tool.
    2. Choose the Image icon on the menu.
    3. Click Select to insert the image.
    4. Select Edit from the menu below to go back to the drawing area.
    5. Click the Text box icon to select it, and then change the fill color to set the transparency for the text box. 
      • Press Save and Close
    6. Click on the image again and select Image Options from the top menu and choose Wrap text from the right pane.
    7. Layer the image and text box by dragging them to the desired position.

    Thats it! 

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