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Here’s How To Easily Edit a Tweet On Twitter

In this article, we are going to show you how to easily edit a tweet on twitter.

In this article, we are going to show you how to easily edit a tweet on twitter. We have used the web version of Twitter for this article but this is not to say it won’t work for other programs and devices.

Editing Already Published Tweets

Simply put, you can’t. You can delete them though but you can’t edit them while they remain on your page at the same time and date.

Why Is It Not Possible To Edit Published Tweets?

Tweeter has its policies. These policies guide and instruct the programs behind their services.

Tweeter remains number one due to this as any news or tweets published are regarded as original and unchangeable. So, you can’t edit for this reason.

Let’s take for instance now, someone Tweets “War in Africa, pray for them”. Then you go ahead to retweet this. Now imagine an edit option that allows one to change the tweet to something offensive like ” War in Africa, lol”. You have basically endorsed a callous and offensive tweet whether you intended to or not

It’s annoying because you can’t re-edit your misspellings and typos but then it ensures you re-read and exercise caution before tweeting.

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Deleting A Tweet

You can hastily remove any unwanted tweets to save you from embarrassment or dragging by the various communities on Twitter. Follow the steps below:

  • Open your Twitter app or web and login on your profile.
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  • Navigate to the tweet you want to remove and then click on the arrow located to the right to display a drop-down menu.
  • Click delete on the menu
Image Credit: lifewire
  • Confirm the delete on the second popup
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Reposting A Revised Tweet

How To Edit a Tweet On Twitter

This is just simply copying an old post, making corrections to it then reposting it.

Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Twitter account and select Profile.
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  • Select the tweet you want to delete to open it in a separate window.
  • Select and copy the contents of the tweet.
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  • Comply with the instructions for deleting a tweet.
  • Paste the copied text into a new tweet after making any edits or corrections.

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  • Click on the Tweet button to post the revised tweet.
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Bottom Line

Twitter is a very sensitive social media platform, so be extremely careful before making tweets and retweets. There are a lot of sensitive issues that actually put others in total disarray and misfortune, so be mindful.

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