Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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How To Easily Fix iPhone 7 Or 7 Plus Overheating Issue

In this article, we explain why your iPhone 7 is overheating and also discuss possible solutions to the issue

You’re recently experiencing your Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus getting too hot, and you’re looking for a way to get over this overheating challenge. This post highlights what to do with iPhone 7 or 7 Plus overheating.

Note: Before getting to the troubleshooting point, all the reviews give high points to the new products of the iPhone. Apple also officially said that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the best iPhone ever. But, iPhone always gets hot and overheating no matter which iPhone you’re using.

The iPhone 7 is made to function appropriately in locations where the temperature is between 0º and 35º C. So this may be a relatively good range for a lot of users.

Your iPhone will display a warning message once your device gets too hot. Once the warning message “the iPhone requires to cool down before you can use it” displays on your iPhone, it will be displayed on a black background, although if you are using Navigation, it will appear as an overlay alert. When this occurs, quickly as you can, power it down, move it to a less hot location, and allow it to cool down.

Reason Why Your iPhone gets hot:

Reason 1. iPhone has been used overtime

Prolonged usage of any electronic device will cause overheating. This is a widespread factor that causes iPhone overheating. When you continually use a computer for a long time, it will overheat, just like your smartphone.

Solution: Your device gets hot after a long time of usage. It’s very normal, and you don’t need to be worried. Instead, try to rest your iPhone for a while to calm down. The iPhone will be recovered by itself from overheating. And try to close all running apps on iPhone. It will help iPhone to cool down and also make the iPhone faster.

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Reason 2. Please don’t leave it in a car

Temperatures can increase in parked cars very rapidly. So, charging your iPhone in the car or forgetting your device in the car can cause overheating due to the high rate of temperature in the vehicle.

Solution: We suggest you keep your mobile device close to you anywhere you go and avoid an environment where the temperature is higher than 0º and 35º C.

Reason 3. Problem with software or apps you are using

You’re using a new smartphone, and you’ve already installed many apps. The RAM can decide the running speed of software and apps. While iPhone 7 has 2 GB RAM and iPhone 7 Plus has 3 GB RAM, if you launch too many software and apps simultaneously, these spaces will be full easily, approaching the maxim of CPU processing ability. Your iPhone will get overheat like a bomb once the CPU or RAM runs a hundred percent.

Solution: Avoid running too many apps and software simultaneously. Also, close each app you use once you’re done using them. Additionally, one or a few of your apps may be misbehaving. Go to Settings>Battery, find out which is the trouble maker, then delete these iPhone apps. This will also save the battery on your iPhone 7.

Reason 4. Hardware problem

This reason is scarce on an overheating iPhone. But you’ve checked all the highlighted reasons, your device keeps overheating, and your device is troubled with a hardware problem.

Solution: The recommended solution is to visit the nearest Apple Store and find out the reason.

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