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How to Get Desired Gear in Destiny 2 Menagerie With Rune Combos and Recipes

If you’re still trying to milk the Menagerie for everything it’s worth as the Season of Opulence winds down; then you’re not alone. After all these seasons, Destiny 2 Menagerie rune combos are still the keys to some of the best gear. So join us in our quest to rob Calus blind of runes and make sure that our Chalice of Opulence wasn’t just a total waste of time. This guide covers how to get the gear you want in Destiny 2 using Menagerie rune combos and recipes.

The Menagerie is neither gone nor forgotten, and as long as its gear can be infused up, it will remain one of the most consistent ways to farm-specific rolls on certain guns. Rather than just shooting some dudes, the Menagerie uses a unique and intuitive rune system that determines what loot you get, and mastering this can significantly speed up acquiring individual pieces of gear.

Unlocking the new Menagerie-exclusive weapons and armor included in Season of Opulence requires knowing several Menagerie recipes. First, to create a specific weapon or piece of armor. Each of these recipes utilizes runes and the Chalice of Opulence to create a specific weapon or piece of armor. These rune combinations can be used to unlock the 45+ activity-specific items in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Menagerie Recipes Guide: The Basics

If you’re unfamiliar with Menagerie recipes, these recipes depend on you being familiar with using runes in the Chalice of Opulence. The runes you can get are separated by color, and each recipe uses 3. The first two will determine what kind of weapon or armor you get, while the third will inform the element or Masterwork that the item is governed by.

Destiny 2 Menagerie rune colors: Here are the different color categories of runes:

  • Blue – Pleasure, Excess, Wealth
  • Green – War, Desire, Pride
  • Purple – Joy, Beast, Jubilation
  • Red – Cunning, Gluttony, Ambition.

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Destiny 2 Menagerie rune combos: The recipes you need to get specific guns

Image via Austin Wood at GamesRadar. (Image credit: Austin Wood)

All three runes can be put up into the Chalice at once, with each rune adding another parameter to your loot. Opening the chest will consume these runes and give you a reward based on which runes you used. There are many runes combinations, recipes, and even more potential rewards.

The first rune determines what type of gun you receive: an SMG, sniper, rocket launcher (or one machine gun), hand cannon, sidearm, fusion rifle, or shotgun. The second rune changes which SMG, sniper, hand cannon, or you receive. The third rune sets the Masterwork stat for that weapon or armor piece receives.

For example, if I wanted an Imperial Decree shotgun with a handling Masterwork, I would use a blue Wealth rune in slot one, any green rune in slot two, and any purple rune in slot three. On the other hand, if you want to get an Austringer hand cannon with a range Masterwork, you’ll need to put a green Desire rune in slot one, any red rune in slot two, and any green rune in slot three.

At this point, you can run through the Menagerie, and you will receive the specified item. However, you can also put a rune into the third slot to give the item a Masterwork perk. Hover over each of the runes to see what type of effect it will give. These effects are handling, range, reload, and stability for weapons. For armor, the effects allow for greater resistance against elemental attacks.

Destiny 2 Menagerie rune combos: recipes for specific armor sets

Image via Austin Wood at GamesRadar. (Image credit: Austin Wood)

This part clearly shows the basic runes that must be used to acquire all armor and weapons. Getting armor from Menagerie recipes follows a similar process, but obviously, runes will correspond to different things. Your first rune determines what armor piece you’ll be getting: legs, chest, helmet, arms, or a class item.

Your second rune effects which armor set that piece of gear comes from and determines its stat trait. For instance, putting any purple rune in the second slot will give you Tangled Web armor, but if you want a Recovery roll-on that armor piece, you’ll need to use a purple Beast rune specifically.

Finally, the last rune, which is the third rune, sets the elemental resistance for that armor piece. The elemental resistances on armor do next to nothing and aren’t worth worrying about. However, purple runes give arc resistance, red and blue give solar, and green gives void.

Here’s the Complete List of Destiny 2 Menagerie Armor Recipes:

  • Exodus Down (Class) – Joy + Red rune
  • Exodus Down (Chest) – Pleasure + Red rune
  • Exodus Down (Arms) – Cunning + Red rune
  • Exodus Down (Legs) – Gluttony + Red rune
  • Exodus Down (Helmet) – War + Purple rune
  • Tangled Web (Class) – Joy + Purple rune
  • Tangled Web (Chest) – Pleasure + Purple rune
  • Tangled Web (Arms) – Cunning + Purple rune
  • Tangled Web (Legs) – Gluttony + Purple rune
  • Tangled Web (Helmet) – War + Purple rune
  • Reverie Dawn (Class) – Joy + Green rune
  • Reverie Dawn (Chest) – Pleasure + Green rune
  • Reverie Dawn (Arms) – Cunning + Green rune
  • Reverie Dawn (Legs) – Gluttony + Green rune
  • Reverie Dawn (Helmet) – War + Green rune
  • Opulent (Class) – Joy + Blue rune
  • Opulent (Chest) – Pleasure + Blue rune
  • Opulent (Arms) – Cunning + Blue rune
  • Opulent (Legs) – Gluttony + Blue rune
  • Opulent (Helmet) – War + Blue rune

Here’s the Complete List of Destiny 2 Menagerie Weapon Recipes:

  • Bad Reputation – Beast + Blue rune
  • Dreaded Venture – Jubilation + Blue rune
  • Fixed Odds – Ambition + Blue rune
  • Pribina-D – Desire + Blue rune
  • Smuggler’s Word – Pride + Blue rune
  • Erentil FR4 – Excess + Blue rune
  • Dust Rock Blues – Wealth + Blue rune
  • Calus MINI Tool – Beast + Purple rune
  • Twilight Oath – Jubilation + Purple rune
  • Bad Omens – Ambition + Purple rune
  • Trust – Desire + Purple rune
  • Drang (Baroque) – Pride + Purple rune
  • Proelium FR3 – Excess + Purple rune
  • Badlander – Wealth + Purple rune
  • Trackless Waste – Beast + Red rune
  • Beloved – Jubilation + Red rune
  • Zenobia-D – Ambition + Red rune
  • Austringer – Desire + Red rune
  • The Last Dance – Pride + Red rune
  • Main Ingredient – Excess + Red rune
  • Parcel of Stardust – Wealth + Red rune
  • Hard Truths – Beast + Green rune
  • Fate Cries Foul – Jubilation + Green rune
  • Sleepless – Ambition + Green rune
  • Waking Vigil – Desire + Green rune
  • Anonymous Autumn – Pride + Green rune
  • The Epicurean – Excess + Green rune
  • Imperial Decree – Wealth + Green rune

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