Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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How to Delete Downloads on Android

In this article, we'll explains how to get rid of unwanted downloads on an Android device

This article explains how to get rid of unwanted downloads on an Android device. It’s not hard, but locating the files can be tricky if you don’t know where to look.

Keeping track of media and other files on your Android device can be tricky. You may have downloaded something from the web, social media apps or email and it doesn’t appear in the Downloads folder.

Similarly, if you’ve not disabled the auto-download feature on your device, some files will still be downloaded to your device without your knowledge. Plus, deleted files also remain in storage until they’re overwritten with new data or you format your device.

How to Delete Android File Downloads via My Files App

Note: Before deleting your files, make sure you back them up to your preferred cloud storage or external hard drive just in case you accidentally delete an important file or memory.

Open the App Tray on your device. Locate Files or My Files. Once you’ve found the Files app, deleting your files is a snap.

Tap and hold your finger on the file you want to delete, then select either the Delete option or the Trash icon that appears.

You can select multiple files to delete several at once. Each one should receive a check mark if you tap and hold down on it – check several of them before selecting delete to take care of many files at once.

After you select to delete files, you will be prompted if you really want to delete those files. They are gone for good once you select OK, so make sure you’ve chosen wisely.

Downloaded files can take up lots of space on your Android. If you’ve never installed an additional SD card or added space to your phone, that can be a valuable commodity! It’s a good idea to clear out space every so often so you can download more of your favorite apps, music, and videos.

How to Delete Downloads on Android Phone Using a USB Cable

You can delete downloads on your Android device if you have a USB cable and laptop.

To do this, get the USB cable that came with your Android phone and use it to connect the device to a computer.

The computer will detect your phone and a new File Explorer window will appear. Select your device from the list of connected devices, and go to the folder that contains the files you want to delete.

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