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How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers To One Android Phone

In this article, we will be explaining how to connect two Bluetooth speakers to one Android Phone.

To connect audio to multiple speakers, use an app such as AmpMe, Bose Connect, or a few from Ultimate Ears and Bluetooth 5, which transmits audio to two devices at once. In this article, we will be explaining how to connect two Bluetooth speakers to one Android Phone.

How To Connect Multiple Speakers To One Android Phone

As you will learn in this article, some conditions must be reviewed and met for you to use two speakers on the same phone. Also, we will show different methods to achieve this.

Using SAMSUNG’S Dual Audio Feature

This feature is only available on Samsung phones. Unfortunately, it was developed on the Samsung Galaxy S8, so you are unlikely to be able to do it on previous versions.

To pair two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously on your phone, follow these steps:

  • Go to settings from your phone
  • Open the ” Connections« 
  • Click the menu ” advanced »At the top right, or three small vertical dots
  • Activate the option ” dual audio. « 

You can connect two audio devices to your Samsung smartphone from the options.

Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers With Bose Connect Simple SYNC

How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To One Android Phone

You can use the app Bose Connect simple sync to connect two smart speakers to an Android Phone. This feature is available only with Bose hardware and not all speakers.

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So if you have two devices from this list, you can download this app to connect to the same phone, and It works with all android devices.

After downloading it, you have to launch it and then perform a classic Bluetooth search, and thus connect the two speakers.

If neither of these two solutions works for you, because you have no Samsung phone or because you don’t have Bose speaker, below is an alternative solution that will allow you to stream the same music from different Bluetooth speakers.

Use The APP ME APP To Create A Music Lounge And Control Multiple Bluetooth Speakers At Once

How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To One Android Phone
Connect multiple Bluetooth Speakers To One Android Phone

This application allows you to attain the same result but with multiple phones, which means Connecting two Bluetooth speakers to the same phone is impossible.

You can create a living room instead, with a choice of music, then synchronize and redirect this music to different speakers. This, therefore, allows you to have music perfectly organized on several speakers at the same time.

And if you have several phones available, you can sync these phones and stream the same music to the Bluetooth speakers. The method is different, but the result is identical.

After you download it, create a group, invite your friends to join it, and once everyone has synced their phone with their Bluetooth speaker respectively, you can start the music, which will be synchronized with all devices, and distribute the sound on all speakers.

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