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Best Free Midi Keyboard Software – For Windows, Mac And Android

In this article, we will highlight the best free Midi Keyboard Software – for Windows, Mac and Android.

Modern MIDI devices always plug in and communicate via a USB connection. The best free MIDI keyboard software helps you easily connect your MIDI keyboard to the most popular gaming platforms. However, this program is also suitable for those who work in the music industry.

Important: Some programs support sound effects and allow you to manage MIDI recordings, mix audio tracks, and export files.

These tools can be used as standalone programs or as DAW software. When choosing the best free MIDI keyboard software, I considered the user interface and whether the programs support various MIDI instruments, from strings and drums to electronic effects and loops. The best options also come with advanced plug-ins.

How Does MIDI Work?

MIDI is a digital signal, basically a series of 1s and 0s that allows different electronic devices to communicate with one another (I know, it sounds very dystopian!). This code communicates all manner of things from the note pressed to how hard it is pressed and when it is released.

Best Free MIDI Keyboard Software For Windows, Mac, And Android

Piano Time

Best Free Midi Keyboard Software – For Windows, Mac And Android


  • Keymapping feature
  • Ease of use
  • Record and save clips
  • Pre-loaded basic tracks
  • Suitable for children

This is an “app,” but that doesn’t mean you need a tablet or phone to use it. Windows is changing to become more similar to Apple in presenting software, creating less of a disconnect between computers, tablets, and phones.

Furthermore, Piano Time will allow you to play along with piano music and even compose your songs. It will give you a virtual keyboard to see how chords and keys are supposed to be mashed together. You can import any file or music and play it back in Piano Time.



  • EQ and compression features
  • More than 100 pre-loaded MIDI sounds
  • You can download free plug-ins
  • Layer up multiple tracks
  • Only for Mac

This is probably my favorite choice of all the free music-making software available. GarageBand has been so great in creating music on the bus or trains. It comes pre-installed on most Apple products, but if not, it can be downloaded from the app store for free.

Piano 10

Best Free Midi Keyboard Software – For Windows, Mac And Android


XScore files support
The recording function
Сompletely free 126 different sounds
An auto-chords function

There are paid apps in the windows store, but as with the Apple and Android “stores” that you may be more familiar with on your phones and tablets, many apps are free to download and use. For example, piano 10 allows you to access thousands of musical instruments and keyboard sounds created by professional musicians. It also comes with video tutorials and virtual tours.

Note: This free MIDI keyboard software has an extensive database of piano songs.



  • Event quantization
  • Create big, clear, dynamic mixes
  • Unlimited audio, MIDI, instruments
  • VST3 support and ARA integration
  • Export and publish your songs
  • Does not provide source code

This software is a bit more advanced, which will allow you to export and edit your MIDI tracks then. MIDI Editor is free software that is an excellent introduction to some more advanced techniques. MidiEditor is a perfect tool for professional musicians who use the computer to create, edit and perform music.

Perfect Piano


  • Ease of Use

You may already know how to connect your android device to a MIDI keyboard, but if you don’t, it is very simple (you can find out in this step-by-step guide). Once plugged in, the Perfect Piano app should automatically detect that a MIDI keyboard is connected. So it should work straight away without you having to mess around with any setup! A real bonus for those who want to plug in and play.

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