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7 Other Ways Bluetooth is More Useful

In this guide, we will list 7 different uses of Bluetooth other than wireless audio transmission

Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard that allows electronic devices to connect and interact with each other. It can be found in several gadgets, from smartphones to loudspeakers, laptops, etc. In this guide, we will list 7 other ways Bluetooth is more useful.

While Bluetooth is a seamless way to connect between devices, there’s much more you can do with the built-in Bluetooth software on your smartphone.

This guide will list seven different uses of Bluetooth other than wireless audio transmission.

7 Other Ways Bluetooth is More Useful

For Listening to Music

One of the most common Bluetooth uses is connecting your smartphone to wireless speakers or headphones.

You can also find thousands of small and powerful Bluetooth speakers to fit all needs. These can be put to great use at house parties when you may not want to leave your smartphone in one spot pumping out music along a cable.

Bluetooth Tethering

Tethering is the process of sharing the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection of your smartphone with your desktop PC or laptop. Most commonly, tethering is done using Wi-Fi or a cable connection, but there is also an option for Bluetooth connection in the same menu.

You can use this option to tether your smartphone to a Bluetooth-enabled PC – preferably a desktop PC with a Bluetooth radio device connected.

For Hands-free Headsets

Making use of hands-free headsets is another widespread use of Bluetooth. You can connect small, in-ear devices to your smartphone to quickly and easily make calls on the go.

For File Transfer

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that you can transfer files between two smartphones using Bluetooth. Nonetheless, you can likewise connect your smartphone with your Bluetooth-enabled PC to exchange files.

Two Bluetooth-enabled PCs can also connect for transferring files. It might not be as fast as a cable connection, but it can be a good replacement when you don’t have a cable.

Connect Different Devices

As Bluetooth’s primary purpose is to create a wireless connection between two gadgets, many devices can be connected using Bluetooth. Some of the devices are listed below.

  • Bluetooth Gamepads
  • Keyboard
  • Printers
  • Mouse

Control Home Security Gadgets

Many smart home security gadgets come with Bluetooth support to control them wirelessly. For instance, you can use your smartphone as a key to lock or unlock your doors without needing an actual key. Some alarm systems also come with Bluetooth integration.

For Hands-free in Cars

You can also find Bluetooth in cars. Pair your handset with your automobile, and you can take calls without needing to touch your smartphone.

Instructions for this setup will depend on the car and manufacturer, but on your phone, it should simply be a case of finding the car’s Bluetooth ID in the Bluetooth devices menu.

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