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Is AliExpress Safe: Here’s How To Avoid Frauds Or Scams


Is AliExpress Safe – AliExpress is one of the most prominent E-commerce global marketplaces ruling the world. Unfortunately, scammers and fraudsters sometimes lurk around these sites and online stores to prey on innocent victims. In this walkthrough, we will explain if AliExpress is safe and how to avoid frauds or scams.

What Is AliExpress?

Is AliExpress Save: Here's How To Avoid Frauds Or Scams
Is AliExpress Save: Here's How To Avoid Frauds Or Scams

AliExpress is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. The group is a Chinese eCommerce company that offers a variety of retail services to businesses and consumers worldwide. In April 2016, it overtook Walmart to become the largest retailer globally.

AliExpress kicked off in 2010, blazing through the industry at an alarming rate. They major in Chinese products. Comparatively, it is more like eBay than it is Amazon. This is because it encompasses other third-party companies that sell their wares. It doesn’t trade products itself.

AliExpress is Russia’s most popular e-commerce site and is widely used throughout Latin America.

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How AliExpress Functions

You can’t customize or add private labels to the goods on the site. Also, unlike Alibaba, where you can only order from a minimum to a maximum, AliExpress is limitless and doesn’t require a certain number of quantities. You can even purchase just a single unit of a product.

Products are sold and bought as shown on the product listing, much like any other eCommerce site. You cannot request a free sample to inspect the quality of goods.

The most enticing feature of AliExpress is that its prices are pretty friendly, and it has products in almost every category you can think of.

Credibility Of AliExpress

What you see is what you get. The photos you see are the only reliance you can base your trust on. There’s also a product description to pan out the item’s quality.

Some reprehensible sellers may take advantage of that system to swindle buyers with poor-quality items that don’t match up to the photos.

In light of this, AliExpress has features that enable your protection. These are the features:

  • A full refund if the order doesn’t deliver:Customers can apply for a full refund if an order doesn’t show up or is hampered beyond the seller’s calculated delivery time frame. If the refund is approved, customers will receive their money back within 15 days.
  • A partial refund or a full refund for inaccurate listings:Two choices are presented if the product is not as described in the product listing or is not delivered as promised. Customers can either return it for a full refund or keep it and receive a partial refund.

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Is AliExpress Safe: Avoiding Swindlers And Scammers

Although AliExpress protects customers with a rock-solid refund policy, there are always extra things customers can look out for to stay safe buying and avoid scams outright.

In the long run, the dispute resolution process takes time. And if you’re turning to AliExpress to achieve needs for your own eCommerce business, that could ultimately inconvenience you and your customers.

Here are some tips that will help assure safe buying on AliExpress.

1. Buy From Reputable Sellers

Is AliExpress Save: Here's How To Avoid Frauds Or Scams
Is AliExpress Save: Here's How To Avoid Frauds Or Scams

Always check for reviews and ratings. This sheds light on the sellers’ credibility. To do this:

  • Navigate to the feedback section
  • Open it and go through the number of positive reviews and ratings they have.
  • The best have a rating of 4 and above.
  • Several orders shipped: Scrutinize sellers who have shipped many orders successfully. The more sales completed, the less likely problems are.

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2. Check Seller Guarantees

Is AliExpress Save: Here's How To Avoid Frauds Or Scams
Is AliExpress Save: Here's How To Avoid Frauds Or Scams

Sellers can also offer buyers specific securities. As a general rule, the more guarantees provided, the more confident you can be in your purchase. But, again, it helps to make AliExpress a more reliable store.

These guarantees are on a single site. This means that the offer on one product does not equate to the guarantee on another product.

There are four different guarantees sellers can offer:

  • On-Time Delivery.
  • Returns and Refund
  • Domestic Returns.
  • Guaranteed Genuine.

To discern which guarantees are provided for an individual item, examine the Buyer Protection information in the Quick Info part of the product page, or click the Seller Guarantees tab below the product image.

3. Avoid Ridiculous Prices

Sellers can’t sell an iPhonefor $5. This is just damn ridiculous. Don’t fall it. It’s probably a pouch you are buying. Check the small print.

4. Avoid Payment Outside Of AliExpress

Never send money to a seller’s bank account. If a seller wants you to send money directly to them rather than through AliExpress, do not proceed. It’s no longer in AliExpress’s power to offer protection once you pay outside their platform.

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5. Do Not Confirm Delivery Before Receiving The Order

Sometimes, scammers posing as authentic traders would try to coax you to confirm that your goods have been delivered. Never do this.

Be sure to receive your order and scrutinize and check and recheck before confirming delivery.

Bottom Line

In general, avoid greed and, most importantly, be extremely patient and cautious when shopping. Scammers use various kinds of methods to trick one and coax you. So be careful and think things through.

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