Top 10 Best Discord Voice Changer Software

    The idea of being able to distort your voice to a point of it becoming completely unrecognizable can be more fun than you can imagine.  In this article, we will explore and compare the best Discord Voice Changer software with pricing. 

    Here Are 10 Best Discord Voice Changers

    1. Clownfish

    This is a very simple voice-changing tool that works well with discord and other chat applications like Skype or even Steam. 

    Top 10 Best Discord Voice Changer Software
    Discord Voice Changer Software

    Also works as a system-wide sound modification system, implying that it can run in the background and at the same time modify any audio incoming from the microphone or any other line.


    • Sound player to play various sounds
    • Voice Assistant to convert text into speech
    • Manage and control your background microphone’s music
    • Choose from a wide range of voice effects

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    2. Voicemod

    On Voicemod, you get to choose from a wide range of voice effects that can have both fun and practical uses.


    • It Automatically adds Microphone Input 
    • Device setting for Discord upon install
    • Live voice effect demos
    • Compatible with all modern games and apps
    • Free on Windows

    3. VoiceMeeter

    VoiceMeeter is a tool that caters primarily to advanced users.

    Top 10 Best Discord Voice Changer Software


    • Easy and fast installation
    • Support MME, DX, KS, WDM, ASIO interfaces
    • Free to use

    4. MorphVox

    This aces all other tools on this list, The tool goes so far as to mimic your voice to create optimal sound effects.

    Discord Voice Changer Software

    It offers MP3 reading, restoring files in the same folder, better list management, plug-in support, and multiple user support.

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    • Choose from an array of high-quality audio effects
    • Dispatch sound effects with quick keys
    • Ultra-quiet background cancellation
    • Optimized for online game streaming

    5. Voxal Voice Changer

    The tool propels its users with a limitless option to change the voice. You can sound like a girl, baby, or a devil in just seconds.

    Top 10 Best Discord Voice Changer Software


    • Choose from a variety of sound effects
    • Universal settings for all applications
    • Apply effect in real-time
    • Create custom voice effects
    • Low CPU usage.

    6. Voice Changer

    It offers you three simple options, either to upload an audio file and tweak it with it, use it via a microphone to disguise your voice, or generate speech from text.


    • Upload and tweak the audio
    • Alter and disguise voice on a microphone
    • Check voice effect demo
    • Speech generator.

    7. Voice Changer With Effects

    You get an option to disguise your voice with an array of options while also adding effects for pure fun.

    It allows you to import pre-recorded sound and tweak it to your satisfaction.


    • Import pre-recorded audio
    • Create speech from text
    • Set ringtones and caller tunes
    • Share end-result on social media

    8. Discord Voice Changer

    Discord Voice Changer displays a colossal gallery of voice effects that can be used to disguise your voice.

    Top 10 Best Discord Voice Changer Software
    Discord Voice Changer Software

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    • Unlimited special voice effects
    • Clean and elegant user interface
    • Apply sound effects in real-time
    • Create and save a modified voice

    9. AV Voice Changer Software

    This allows you to change every aspect of your voice and make it completely unrecognizable to your listeners. 

    You can use this tool to disguise your voice on Twitch, Discord, Skype, and other such platforms.


    • Voice recorder
    • It has Voice editors
    • Voice and file Morpher
    • Create custom sound effects

    10) Super Voice Editor

    It is a smart voice editor that records and edits your voice to sound completely unrecognizable. 

    You can easily edit your recorded voice and transform it to sound like a baby, demon, or a famous superhero character you like.


    • Voice recorder
    • Mp3 cutter
    • Audio editor
    • Audio tuner
    • Voice change for chat applications

    Bottom Line

    Voice changers are fun tools to have, which oddly enough, also have some beneficial pragmatic purpose to them. 

    Even if you have no practical use for them, these tools can be a great way to pass time and astonish your friends online.


    Are Voice Changing Apps Legal?

    Yes! Voice changing apps legal are legal to use, However, their misuse is not.

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    Who Do These Voice Changing Tools Cater To?

    Those voice primarily cater to Anonymous gamers on streaming platforms.

    Can A Voice Changing App Also Change Accents?

    This will depend on the voice changer and whether it facilitates an accent modifying feature.

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