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Why Doesn't Pandora Play Continuously? Troubleshooting Methods

Today we will discuss why does pandora keep pausing how to troubleshoot txt. Whatever the cause of your Pandora app pausing, it's an annoying problem that is fortunately (usually) pretty easy to fix. Because the remedies are different for users of Android and iOS, let's now break into two separate camps.

Daniel Barrett
Jul 16, 20232101 Shares91350 Views
There are a lot of different things that might be causing your Pandora app to stop unexpectedly amid songs or podcasts. There might be a problem with the wireless network or the mobile signal, or there could be other applications that are interfering with playing. It's possible that the music you were listening to was cut off by the battery saver on your phone.
Today we will discuss why does pandora keep pausing how to troubleshoot txt. Whatever the cause of your Pandora app pausing, it's an annoying problem that is fortunately (usually) pretty easy to fix. Because the remedies are different for users of Androidand iOS, let's now break into two separate camps.

Why Does Pandora Pause After Every Song?

Even though the Pandora halting problem is a widespread issue, there is no definitive answer to the question of what triggers this occurrence. It's possible that the reason Pandora pauses after each song is unique to each user's listening habits and preferences.
To summarize, however, there are a few potential causes that have a high probability of being the root of the problem. The following is a list of some of the most likely reasons for this issue.

System Settings

There are occasions when the problem with Pandora halting is not caused by the program itself, but rather by some of the settings of your smartphone's operating system. A number of the options, such as the mode that saves battery life, may affect many applications on your phone, including the Pandora application.

Pandora App Settings

Users have access to a variety of elements inside Pandora that allow them to personalize their playing experience. The Pandora halting problem may be due to one of the settings. If this is the case, you may easily adjust the settings on Pandora, and the music should return to its usual behavior after you do so.

App Glitches

Bugs and hiccups are inevitable in software, and Pandora, like practically every other program available for Android and iOS, is not an exception. Sometimes the problem with Pandora halting isn't caused by certain settings; rather, it's caused by some flaws and faults of the software itself. If that is the case, then uninstalling and reinstalling the application could be the only way to fix the issue.
It is important to note that while these are common potential causes and solutions, they may not address every instance of Pandora pausing between songs. The specific reason for the issue can vary among users, and additional troubleshooting steps or assistance from Pandora's support team may be necessary.

How To Solve Problem - Pandora Pauses After Every Song

Now that we are aware of some of the most likely causes for the problems with Pandora stopping, let's have a look at the specific ways in which you may resolve the issue by using some simple strategies.

Turn Off Power Saving Mode

The power saving mode is a feature on both Android and iOS devices to save the battery by disabling some functions in certain apps. It's possible that the battery-saving mode is to blame for the fact that your Pandora app keeps halting music.
On an iOS device, go to "Settings" > "Battery" and turn off the "Low Power Mode" option. This will turn off the power-saving mode. On an Android device, choose "Battery" under "Device Maintenance" under the "Settings" menu.

Turn Off High-Quality Audio

When listening to any music on Pandora, you have the option of turning on high-quality audio, which will provide a more satisfying listening experience overall. The language that explains the selection gives the impression that this function might alter the way you experience listening by skipping more often.
Additionally, the problem with halting may have been created by the act of skipping. So to avoid the Pandora pausing problem, go to "Profile", then "Advanced", find the "Higher quality audio" option, and switch it off.

Reinstall Pandora

It is now generally accepted knowledge that reinstalling a program will fix the vast majority of hiccups and errors that it may experience. If you believe that your Pandora pausing issues aren’t caused by any wrong settings, then uninstall and then install Pandora again from AppStore might be a good solution to consider.
Pandora User Interface
Pandora User Interface

How To Troubleshoot Pandora If It Keeps Pausing On Android

The most significant concern is that it continues to occur even after the Android Auto app has been linked to mobile devices that are connected to the car's entertainment system using a USB wire.
Clearing the app's cache and storage data, restarting the device, enabling the option for the Android Auto app to get content from unknown sources, and other troubleshooting steps may prove to be of great assistance to you. The next paragraph will discuss a few potential alternatives to the problem that might be used. So, let's get into it.

Reboot The Phone

To begin, you should attempt to restart the handset to check and see whether there is a problem with the transient storage or a fault in the system. A simple restart might be quite helpful in some situations.

Update The Pandora And Android Auto App

By following the procedures below, you should be able to bring Android Auto and the Pandora app on your smartphone up to their most recent versions. When you run an outdated program, it may give you problems connecting to other devices or starting the application itself.
  • Launch the Google Play Store app, then look for Android Auto in the search results.
  • Check to see if there is an available update, and then choose Update if there is one.
  • When you are finished, you will need to restart the phone so that the modifications take effect.

Clear The Cache And Storage Of Data

It is recommended that you delete the cache and storage data of the Android Auto app and the Pandora app on your device to get rid of any temporary cache data or bugs that may be present. To accomplish that.
  • Launch the Settings menu on your smartphone, then tap on Apps.
  • Scroll down the list of installed apps > Locate the Android Auto app.
  • Now, choose the Android Auto app, and then select Storage Use from the menu that appears.
  • Tap the "Clear Cache" button, then tap the "Clear Storage Data" button.
  • When you are finished, be sure to reboot the device so that the modifications take effect.

Check For Software Updates On Your Phone

Sometimes using outdated system software may cause a lot of problems, and it is necessary to manually update it. If an updated version of the program is available, you may install it by following the procedures that are provided below.
  • Turn On the mobile data or Wi-Fi on your device.
  • Launch the Settings app, then choose "Software update" from the menu.
  • Tap the Download and Install button if there is an update that can be installed.
  • Attend the conclusion of the procedure of updating the firmware.
  • For the modifications to take effect, you must finally reboot the device.

Turn Off The Higher Quality Audio Option

You may need to disable the Higher Quality Audio option on the Pandora app by following the steps below to reduce the chances of startup crashes on your handset.
  • Launch the Pandora app, then tap on your Profile in the menu that appears.
  • Go to the 'Settings' menu, then choose the 'Audio Quality & Download' option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, to deactivate higher-quality audio, uncheck the option that says "Higher Quality Audio."

Perform A Factory Reset

If none of the methods worked for you, then make sure to perform a factory reset on your handset to check whether the problem has been fixed.
Keep in mind that the process of doing a factory reset will result in the deletion of all data stored on the device, including but not limited to applications, games, user-defined settings, internal storage files, call history, text messages, and so on. It is strongly recommended that you create a complete backup of the data on your device before continuing with the instructions.
Pandora Opened On Mobile Phone
Pandora Opened On Mobile Phone

How To Troubleshoot Pandora If It Keeps Pausing On iPhone

Select the Backup & Reset menu option, then tap on the option to Erase all data (Factory Reset) on the menu that appears. Now, choose the Delete all data option from the menu, and then wait until the operation is finished.
When you are finished, your device will immediately restart and load the system. Go through the initial setup process. It may take some time, so please be patient.
You are ready to go forward. What to do if your iPhoneversion of Pandora won't stop stopping and how to do it. There are essentially two things that you may attempt to do to get your Pandora app back to functioning properly on iOS.

Restart Your Phone

To begin, try turning off and then restarting your phone to see if it resolves the issue.
If not, it's time to delete the app from your device.

Why does my Pandora keep stopping?

Uninstall The Pandora App And Reinstall It.

It is possible that you need to delete the Pandora app and then redownload it. Keep your finger on the symbol of the Pandora app as you hit "Delete App." Now, go over to the App Store and download Pandora again before logging back into your account.

People Also Ask

Why Does My Pandora App Keep Pausing?

Both Android and iOS smartphonescome equipped with a power-saving mode that, among other things, disables some app features in order to extend the life of the battery.

What To Do If Pandora Freezes?

Trying deleting and reinstalling the program (don't worry, we'll maintain track of your profile and collection for you) if you are still experiencing problems after trying the last solution.

Why Does Pandora Keep Timing Out Android?

Inactivity is one of the key factors that might result in Pandora timing out.


I hope that you have understood why does pandora keep pausing how to troubleshoot txt. If you discover that Pandora continually pauses throughout your listening sessions, you must determine the underlying reasons and put troubleshooting strategies into practice to fix the problem.
A subpar internet connection, inadequate resources available on the device, and software that has become obsolete are typical causes of this issue. You may make a considerable improvement to the quality of the streaming experience by evaluating the speed of your internet connection, maximizing the resources available on your device, and upgrading both the Pandora app and your operating system.
Remember, troubleshooting may involve a combination of these steps, so don't hesitate to try multiple solutions to find the one that works best for you. If you do these steps, you will be able to enjoy Pandora's music streaming service to its utmost potential, without interruptions.
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