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What to do when Mobile Data is On but not Working

What to do when Mobile Data is On but not Working – There’s no doubt that every smartphone we use in this new era requires an internet connection. However, there’s always an improvement in the mobile network every year as new phones and gadgets are released.

If your mobile data is on but not working, this guide will help you. We will be talking about what to do, but first, you need to confirm that your device is not connecting to the internet. If you were using a mobile app when you noticed, we recommend launching a preferred browser and loading a very simple page. If the problem persists, there’s something wrong with your mobile data.

How frustrating can it be when you’re trying to get a job done using an Internet connection, and your data seems not to be connecting or responding by the time you need it. This article explains how to fix it when mobile data is on but not working.

What to do when my Mobile Data is on but not Working

There are several ways to get rid of mobile data that is on but not working. However, read and follow the below methods to solve the problem:

Method 1. Toggle on/off Airplane mode

Toggling Airplane mode is probably the most straightforward solution, and it works, especially when you’ve been using your mobile data for a very long time. However, the first solution you should try is to toggle on/off your Airplane mode.

Whenever you turn on/off Airplane mode on your device, you’ll notice it’s designed to turn off your data connection; when you turn on Airplane mode and turn it back off will turn your data back on.

This is very simple to understand whenever you perform such activity on your smartphones, laptops, and other Internet-enabled gadgets. For example, if your connection is getting weak or slow before toggling on/off your Airplane mode, you’ll notice your browsing will be faster. Likewise, turning on and off Airplane mode can fix bugs or glitches disturbing your connection.

Method 2: Restart your Device when Mobile Data is On but not Working

Sometimes Airplane mode can fix some Internet connection issues. This method is quite simple to perform and works for many people. Restarting your device is another method to troubleshoot mobile data that is on but not working.

If you’re one of those that work on their mobile phone 24/7 and after a while of using your data connection you notice something is wrong with it, then there’s no doubt that your device demands rest, and restarting it works better. So follow and perform the three steps below:

  • You can restart most Android devices by pressing the power button for about 10 seconds.
  • Otherwise, long-press the Power button, then select Restart from the options.
  • Try turning on your mobile data again to see if you can browse the internet now.

Method 3: Empower the suitable Network Mode

You are empowering the suitable network mode to require knowing what kind of network mode my device is capable of. Choosing the wrong mobile network mode can hamper your browsing experience. Or worse, slow down the internet speed and convince your mobile data is on but not working.

However, if your device is designed to run a 5G mobile network and you mistakenly choose 4G, then you might be experiencing a slow Internet connection.

Note: The better the network type, the faster your internet connection. Therefore, you must choose the best network for your device to avoid slow Internet.

Follow the steps below to choose the appropriate network mode for your device.

  • Open your device
  • Tap Network & Internet (or SIM card and mobile network on some devices.)
  • If you’re using dual SIM cards, select the one you use for mobile data. E.g., SIM 1.
  • Next, locate the Preferred network type and click on it.
  • For the best experience, please set it to the highest available network with automatic mode.

Method 4: Reset your phone’s network settings

If none of the solutions above has worked for you so far, you might need to reset the network settings on your phone. Follow the below steps to get this done:

  • Launch your Settings App.
  • Navigate to the bottom to locate and choose System.
  • Now, push the Reset options.
  • Choose Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.
  • Next, select the affected one and hit RESET SETTINGS below the screen if you use dual SIM cards.
  • Finally, confirm your screen lock to complete the process.

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