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The Best 5 Memoji Apps On Android To Make Your Own Memoji

This article highlights the five best Memoji apps. Do you have an Android phone and enviously watch your iPhone-owning friends send...

Daniel Barrett
Jun 28, 202220219 Shares532067 Views
Do you have an Androidphone and enviously watch your iPhone-owning friends send custom emojis of their faces? This is called Memoji, and there are ways to get a similar feature on Android. This article highlights the five best Memoji apps.

VideoMoji : Make Animoji Avatar

First on our list of Memoji Android apps is the VideoMoji: Make Animoji Avatar app. To start, the app has a ton of awesome AR 3D characters to choose from. Most of the characters are animals such as pandas, monkeys, and clownfish, great options for animal lovers. On the other hand, if you’re a foodie, they’ve got hamburgers, peaches, and other delish characters to tickle your fancy!
Once you’ve tried some of the AR 3D characters, imagine communicating with your family and friends with them! Isn’t that cool? You’d be sharing stories as a 3D monkey, fish, or panda. It’s one of the coolest features of this app. Users can also record videos with this app and share those videos with friends via any type of messenger.


Bitmoji is the best app to create your personalized memojis. I prefer Bitmoji over any other app because it’s easy to use and connects with Snapchat.
The most interesting feature about this app is that it is compatible with Gboard, which is Google’s official keyboard. It means you’ll be able to send bitmojis directly from your keyboard. Using Bitmoji, you can create your full-body cartoon avatar, select your hairstyle, clothes, the color of your eyes, etc. After you have created your Memoji, you can choose from a huge library of stickers.

Face Cam

Face Cam doesn’t scan your face to create the emoji. Instead, you build it from scratch using the different categories. Select your hair, skin color, eye shape, and similar characteristics.
Once created, the app then functions as a camera. But instead of seeing your actual face, you’ll see a giant emoji version of it. It’ll move as your face does and will try to mimic your eyebrows, eyes, and mouth too.


Zepeto is an app that truly understands what a user-friendly experience means. It is so easy to use; in just a few clicks, you create a character that looks like you.
To add to that, if you’re a fashionista you should listen up! We believe all fashionistas should download this app. One reason is that it’s got a virtual closet, allowing you to play dress-up with your avatar anytime you want. And if that isn’t enough for you, in case you get bored with the clothes that are available, Zepeto releases hot new stylish items every week!

MojiPop – Art Metaverse

Mojipop allows you to instantly create your own funny cartoon stickers. The app allows you to create thousands of caricatures and animated stickers to represent any emotion or situation.
The app allows you to conveniently send stickers while chatting. You can also create a personalized GIF using Mojipop. Mojipop also offers a keyboard, and to access it, you will need to activate the keyboard from your device’s settings.
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