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New Apple Leak Reveals IPhone 15 Design Surprise


According to iPhone15 leaks, Apple is saving its most exciting and contentious upgrades for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

Now, a new apple leak reveals iPhone 15and showed how the most contentious change will work, and it is unlike anything we've seen on a smartphone before.

New Leak Reveals Solid-state Volume Buttons On IPhone 15 Pro Models Will Function Even With Dead Battery

The leak, which was posted on the MacRumors forum by the same source who revealed the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island last year, claims that the solid-state volume buttons coming to iPhone 15 Pro models will function at all times — even when the battery is dead.

According to the insider, this functionality is due to an entirely new microprocessor coming to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, which will replace Apple's 'Super Low Energy Mode' found on current models.

Three iPhone 15s in various colors
Three iPhone 15s in various colors

When the battery is dead, Super Low Energy Mode can currently use Apple Pay and activate Bluetooth for the Find My Network feature.

The new micro-processor that will ship in the 15 Pro models will not only manage those tasks, but will also be able to immediately sense capacitive button presses, holds, and even detect their own version of 3D Touch with the new volume up/down button, action (currently ringer switch) button, and power button, while the phone is dead or powered down. The new micro-processor will also take on the Find My, Bluetooth/UW, and Apple Pay express card features (previously managed by the SoP with low energy), while the phone is off, greatly improving power consumption during those down-times.- The Insider

Interestingly, the leaker claims that Apple is currently testing two capacitive volume button configurations.

The first uses swiping up and down to adjust the volume, while the second uses presses, with the speed of adjustment determined by the pressure applied. This strongly suggests that the buttons will support 3D Touch.

Details about the new solid-state mute button are missing from the leaker's information. Moving away from the switch design that iPhones have used since their debut in 2007 has been met with skepticism.

However, MacRumors reports that the mute button is likely to be programmable, opening the door to an Apple Watch Ultra-style Action button. Something that is sure to excite many iPhone fans.

What else can you get excited about? Upgrades to standard iPhone 15 models will be smaller, as has become customary, with an update to the iPhone 14 Pro design and Dynamic Island, A16 chip, and USB-C. (with MFi restrictions).

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will feature the world's thinnest bezels, a stunning new A17 chip, upgraded LiDAR, and a massive rear camera, according to leaks.

On the other hand, buyers can expect iPhone 15 Pro prices to skyrocket — living on the cutting edge isn't cheap.

iPhone 15 - MASSIVE New Leaks Reveal Design & More!

03/12 Update: The MacRumors leaker has returned with more information about the capacitive buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, and it's exciting.

The leaker, who revealed several accurate iPhone 14 details last year, revealed in a new post that the "capacitive buttons will work very well with gloves and cases." thanks to a sensitivity option iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max owners will be able to access in settings.

Rumors Of Custom 'Action Button' Implementation On IPhone 15 Pro Models

According to the leaker, Apple is referring to the mute switch's solid-state replacement as the 'Action Button,' which is the same terminology used for the custom button on the Apple Watch Ultra.

If the company implements the button in the same manner as expected, users will be able to choose from a variety of quick launch options, such as the camera.

However, the company could go a step further and replicate its implementation of the Double Tap setting, which would open up custom Shortcut options for everything from HomeKit automation tasks to ordering your favorite Starbucks coffee.

The possibilities are almost limitless, and it would represent a radical reinvention of the mute switch, which might just persuade the masses that it needed an upgrade.

04/01 Update: Reliable insider Unknownz21 has cast further doubt on rumors of an "iPhone 15 Ultra." In response to a Twitter query, the leaker stated that "there’s nothing to suggest the ‘Ultra’ branding — although it’s not impossible."

For months, the rumored release of a new flagship iPhone that would sit above (rather than replace) the iPhone 15 Pro Max was the talk of the leak world.

Given that both iPhone 14 Pro models sold significantly better than their standard counterparts, it made sense for Apple to consider adding a cutting-edge iPhone to the top of its lineup.

However, leaks have died down since then, and Unknownz21's comment — while leaving the possibility open — is likely damning.

Over the last few years, the leaker has had their finger on the pulse, consistently revealing accurate details about Apple's plans.

If Unknownz21 has heard nothing to suggest an iPhone 15 Ultra is on the way, its arrival now appears to be a long shot.

The strange thing about this is that Apple appears to be caught between two stools in 2023. According to the most recent iPhone 15 Pro Max leak, a new periscope lens will be exclusive to the 6.7-inch device, distinguishing it from the iPhone 15 Pro — something Apple has not done since the iPhone 8and iPhone 8 Plus had single and dual cameras, respectively.

If Apple had released an Ultra with a periscope lens, it would have given the company a chance to market the new phone with a highly desirable feature.

Instead, this spec differentiation is likely to confuse iPhone buyers, especially given reports that it will be a one-generation difference, with both the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max models sporting periscope cameras.

Is an iPhone 15 Ultra required by Apple? Personally, I'd say yes, but only to replace the Pro Max, which has always had perplexing branding. Having said that, it appears unlikely that we will get one in 2023.

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