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Here’s How To Get Netflix Student Discount

In this guide, we will provide step-by-step walkthrough on how to get Netflix student discount.

Netflix provides a variety of services ranging from tv shows to movies. All without the nasty interference of ads. In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step walkthrough on getting a Netflix student discount.

They also provide a 1-month free trial for new subscribers. Although you would have to input your card details for automatic renewal, you can cancel out before time elapses.

Netflix Plans And Features

  • Basic: You will have access to 1 screen plan SD ( watch on one device at any time, Standard Definition) at USD$ 7.99
  • Standard Plan: You will have access to 2 screen plan HD (watch on two devices at the same time, High Definition when available) at USD$ 9.99
  • Premium Plan: You get to watch four screen plan HD/UHD 4K (watch on four devices at the same time, with High Definition and Ultra High Definition when available) At USD$ 11.99

Note: DVD plans are available only in the USA

Shared Profile And Split Costs

You can ask friends and family to join you in paying for a monthly subscription or give you their Netflix login details.

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Netflix Student Discount

There is no such thing as a student discount. All Netflix offers is a free 1-month trial.

Note: This offer is only for new subscribers. Pre-existing customers do not get a free trial.

Follow these steps to get a free trial.

  • Open the Netflix app and click on “try us.” Clicking the button leads to a page that asks you to create an account.
  • Follow the instructions and set up your account.
  • You will see another page with the message that you will enjoy the first month free. So sign up with your email and password. And Click Continue.
  • A setup, your payment method page opens up.
  • You would have a three days notice before your account is debited, so don’t worry.
  • Enter your details and mark the date.
  • The free trial is premium, but you can reset that later
  • Click “I agree.”
  • When you do that, your membership starts automatically, and you can sign in to view your Membership page and all the benefits attached to it.

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That is all about setting up Netflix free trial account.

Streaming Services That Offer Student Discounts

  • Spotify
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • YouTube Premium
  • Paramount Plus
  • Apple TV Plus

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