Here’s How To Confirm If Disney Plus Is Down

    Having trouble with your Disney Plus? Well, not to worry as we have compiled a list of possible errors and their solutions to help you. In this article, we will be explaining how to confirm if Disney Plus is down.

    Confirming If Disney Plus Is Really Down

    If you are having trouble logging in or streaming Disney Plus, it might be having server issues.
    In case of log in or streaming troubles, it could be that the servers are down.

    Not to worry, here’s how to confirm.

    1. Check the Disney+ Server Status

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    The first way is to check the Disney Plus server status to see if Disney+ is down right now for other people, too.

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    2. Check Twitter And Other Social Media Platforms.

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    Check the relevant hashtags on Twitter and other social media channels!

    3. Check The Hashtag Of Disney

    • Log on to Twitter.
    • Search for the hashtag “#disneyplusdown”
    • Confirm if it’s trending at the moment and if others are experiencing the same issue.

    4. Use a Third-party Status Checker

    Use a third-party “status checker” website. Some of these websites are;

    • Down For Everyone Or Just Me
    • Downdetector.
    • Is It Down Right Now?

    The above would give you solid confirmation on whether or not you are the only one experiencing such problems

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    What To Do When You Can’t Connect To Disney Plus

    When you have exhausted the above confirmation methods and you are the only one being affected, then it is a personal issue.

    Try the steps below to rectify any problems;

    • Make sure the website link is actually And that no error is involved.
    • In case you suspect your browser is faulty, you can try the Disney+ app. If the app fails too, then try using a browser on another device entirely.
    • Close all your tabs, clear cache and reset your browser’s app data.
    • Wait for a minute then try again. If it’s the app, you can do the same with it.
    • If the app or browser window seems to be stuck and not closing properly, try restarting your device instead.
    • Clear your browser’s cookies.
    • Check your computer for malware.
    • Restart your device.

    Although it is rare, the issue could actually be from your DNS server. You can switch DNS servers with a level of expertise though.

    Network Error

    If none of the above has worked for you, then it could be a network connection error.

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    If many devices are connected to your network bandwidth, it tends to slack. It could be more than that though. You can contact your ISP for more help

    Error Codes For Disney Plus

    Disney Plus can display standard HTTP status code errors such as 500 Internal Server Error, 403 Forbidden and 404 Not Found, but it can also display specific error codes exclusive to Disney Plus. Here are the most common ones.

    1. Error Code 4-9:

    This is for incorrect account details. Be certain that your account has the correct info on it including billing details, then try logging in again

    2. Error Code 13:

    This is when the limit of devices is exceeded.

    3. Error Code 31 and 73:

    This is occurs when you try to use a VPN to bypass your location. Switch off your VPN to proceed smoothly.

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    4. Error Code 41 and 42:

    This is caused by an excess overload on the Disney Plus servers. You have to wait and come back later

    5. Error Code 83:

    A catch all error code that means Disney Plus is having issues. Wait it out and try again later to see if it’s been resolved.

    If the problem still isn’t solved, try waiting it out. When Disney Plus is in heavy demand, it can throw up these error messages when the issue is on the app or website’s end, not yours. You can also call its helpline at 888-905-7888.

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