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Monday Is The Day To Update Your IPhone To IOS 17 - Here's What You Need To Know


Did you know that Monday is the day to update your iPhone to iOS 17?

An update to the core of the company's technology is scheduled to be released just as the attention on the tech industry shifts from the excitement surrounding an Apple event to the pressures brought on by the pre-order and delivery cycle.

iOS 17 is the most recent product to be released as a direct result of the "Wonderlust" event, having been preceded by the beginning of pre-orders for the iPhone 15 on Friday. The new operating system was not covered in the video presentation; nevertheless, further information was made available the very same day.

The newest version of Apple's operating system will have enhancements and new features that will apply to the company's main product as well as to the AirPods.

What you need to know about iOS 17 is listed here.

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What Is Different About IOS 17?

  • Live screening of voicemail messages: Users of the new operating system will be able to view a transcript of a voicemail in real time and then select whether or not to answer the incoming call based on what they read.
  • Standby mode: Customers of Apple's iPhone will soon be able to put their devices into standby mode even when they are charging their devices on their sides. When the phone is in this mode, it can be used as a clock, it can cycle through images, and it can run widgets.
  • FaceTime update: An update has been released for FaceTime that will allow users to project calls to an AppleTV device. The video that is transmitted will be viewed on the larger screen, but the outgoing video will be captured on either an iPhone or an iPad.
  • NameDrop: NameDrop is a new feature that has been developed as an offshoot of the AirDrop technology. It will enable iPhone users to share their contact information with one another just by holding their devices in close proximity to one another.
  • Adaptive Audio: Adaptive Audio is a mode that was introduced with the AirPod Pro and it will adjust the volume of the user's music as well as the noise cancellation to match the environment that they are in.
  • Conversation Awareness: Another new feature that will be included in iOS 17 is called Conversation Awareness. This mode will allow the user to adjust the volume of whatever is playing and will magnify the voices of the people who are in the room with them.

What New Features Are Available In IOS 17?

Users of FaceTime will soon have the ability to record and send video messages in the event that the recipient of their call does not pick up.

The messages will operate in a manner analogous to that of a voicemail, and callers will have access to all of the various video effects that would be available to them during a finished FaceTime session.

In addition, users will be able to set iOS 17 to automatically mute FaceTime calls coming from those who are not in their contact list.

The "Check-In" component of the operating system will receive further customization possibilities in the near future.

Those who use their iPhones as their primary phones may now make use of the phone app's expanded capabilities, which include the ability to create new visualizations that indicate when they will receive a call from a certain contact.

Additionally, the autocorrect and predictive text functions will both receive enhancements as part of the upgrade.

Users will now have the ability to directly end a call from their AirPods, as well as mute a microphone or media.

Updates Gone Wrong - The Downside Of Tech Upgrades

The battery on your iPhone may drain faster than usual, according to Cnet.

There isn't one common reason why battery drain occurs immediately after a big software upgrade like iOS 17, although it happens to some folks every year.

If your battery health is already poor (Settings > Battery > Battery Health), you should hold off on updating to iOS 17 for a while.

Here are a few possible reasons why iOS 17 is consuming your battery:

  • In the background, your phone is functioning nonstop. New features, such as enhanced search in Messages or Live Stickers for your images, may require indexing of your files to function effectively.
  • Your apps do not work with iOS 17. Developers have plenty of time to upgrade their apps to the most recent iPhone software, but if they don't, the apps may drain more energy since they're out of the current.

Of course, there's always the possibility of software flaws eating away your battery life in the background.

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