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How to Easily Use Roku Parental Controls

This walkthrough explains how to easily use Roku parental controls. With Roku parental control features, parents can restrict access some...

Daniel Barrett
Jul 20, 202244029 Shares936790 Views
Roku gives access to thousands of streaming content channels, but not all content is appropriate for all age groups. With Roku parental control features, parents and adults can restrict access to channels and content that isn’t appropriate for children, and stop kids from adding unwanted channels or paid subscriptions. This walkthrough explains how to easily use Roku parental controls.
Note:You have to go directly to the App’s settings as Roku devices lack access to the parental controls features on third-party apps.
Important Definitions to Note:
  • Roku Private or Hidden Channels: These are channels that can be added discreetly. Companies can formulate and disseminate their own content through this channel listing.
  • 4-Digit Pin: This is a PIN consisting of four numbers set in order to limit the Roku account from specific channels. This PIN does NOT prevent X-rated channels already loaded from being watched nor does it deter browsing X-rated channel titles.
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How to Set Your Roku PIN

Setting the 4-digit pin is vital for deterring young people from adding and watching pornographic content. Follow the steps below:
  • Log in to your Roku account through a web browser on a computer or mobile device.
  • Click on “Update” underneath PIN Preference.
  • Set the option to always need a PIN to make purchases and to add items from the Channel Store.
Roku Parental Controls
Roku Parental Controls
  • Input a 4-digit number to create the PIN, select Verify PIN to confirm, and then click on Save Changes.

Discard Channels You Deem Inappropriate

It’s quite simple to discard channels that you don’t want your kids watching. You don’t need a PIN to do this. Just follow these steps:
  • Choose the installed app you want to remove on the Roku home page with the aid of the remote or mobile app
  • Press the Options button (*) on your Roku remote.
  • Choose Remove Channel.
Roku Parental Controls
Roku Parental Controls
  • Select Remove to confirm the channel’s removal.
  • If you set the PIN lock in your account, you’ll need your PIN to add a deleted channel back in or add a new channel.
Roku Parental Controls
Roku Parental Controls

How to Hide the Movie Store and the TV Store

You can also hide Roku’s Movie Store and TV Store from the Roku home page, to eliminate tempting the kids.
Follow the steps below:
  • Navigate to Settings from the home page
  • Select Home Screen
  • In the top right corner is the Proceed option. Select it.
  • Next, Select Movie Store and TV Store, then select Hide.
You can return to this page anytime to reverse this process by selecting “Show”.
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