Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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How To Easily Uninstall Anaconda Manually

In this article, we will be explaining how to easily uninstall Anaconda manually.

Anaconda is free and Python distribution platform open-source. This software is used to gather all the necessary components in one toolkit, and popularly used by data scientists and aimd data scientists. It takes about 3 GB of disk space and works as a full-fledged program, in contrast to another software of such kind. In this article, we will be explaining how to easily uninstall Anaconda manually.

How To Uninstall Anaconda

To uninstall Anaconda, you can do a simple remove of the program. This will leave a few files behind, which for most users is just fine.

Method 1: Windows Tools.

Windows tools is a built in feature you can make use off to remove or uninstall Anaconda. However, follow the steps to get it done:

  • Launch or open your Windows tools.
  • Click the Windows search bar in the bottom left corner.
  • Now, push the Start icon.
  • Then, tap the item to view the list of the apps on your PC.
  • Locate Anaconda in that list, and left-click it and press the Uninstall button.
  • Then, click another Uninstall button in the pop-up Windows to confirm the removal.
  • OS may request the confirmation as administrator, and after it, the built-in uninstaller will appear. 
  • Confirm and wait until completion. 

Method 2. Uninstall Anaconda Manually.

Software can be removed in two ways. Either you run a program’s native installer/uninstall or directly removing files and folders. 

  • Launch the Task Manager  (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).
  • Now, go to processes Tab.
  • Obviously, close Anaconda applications – detect the conda.exe process and end it, as well as any other tasks related to Anaconda or Python.

Location of files and folders

Default Anaconda location on Windows 10: 


Also, delete all the Start menu shortcuts manually in the case if you will delete files and folders manually one by one. The path of these shortcuts usually looks like: 

C:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Anaconda3 (n-bit). 

If you have no idea where Anaconda is located, use the File Explorer built-in search box. 

Manual Removal Of Anaconda 

  • Check to make sure you have the uninstalled ready.
  • Now, open the main folder of the app and locate the uninstaller.
  • In some case, it’s looks like Uninstall-Anaconda3.exe.
  • Open and confirm it, then wait a bit.
  • Now reboot your Computer

Alternatively, one can just delete files and folders. Afterwards, use the File Explorer search box for potential leftovers, but be careful not to remove system files. 

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