Friday, July 1, 2022
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How To Easily Turn Off Your Roku Device

In this guide, we will be explaining how to turn off your Roku device.

Are you having a problem switching off your Roku Streaming Device?. In this guide, we will be explaining how to turn off your Roku device.

This streaming device may look complicated, especially since these devices are designed to remain ON all the time. 

To turn off your device, it’s by two ways.

  1. By Detaching Roku From Its Power Source
  2. By going through Roku’s settings to check if there’s a power option available.

The reason why the devices are designed to remain powered on is to avoid disconnection from the Internet.

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So that your device can download updates immediately, it becomes available.

How To Turn Off A Roku 4 Through Settings

Turn Off Your Roku Device
  • Press the home button and Go to Settings
  • Select System
  • Select Power
  • Then choose Power Off To Turn Off your device immediately.

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How To Turn Off A Roku TV

  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Next, select System.
  • Then go to Power.
  • Finally, go to Auto Power Savings and choose Turn off after 4 hours.

You can also choose Auto Power Off if you want to set your device to shut down after 30-minutes of inactivity.

Another Way To Turn Off Your Roku Device

Turn Off Your Roku Device

Unplug your device from the power outlet to be powered off. If you are worried about saving power, your device was designed to go into a Power Save mode after 30 minutes of inactivity.

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